An Accelerated Program Checklist

There are four major stages in the accelerated training methodology.

  1. Preparation

    To create an open, relaxed, positive mindset:

    □ Create a colorful, thematic setting.

    □ Use appropriate music to set the tone or theme.

    □ Personally greet participants and learn their names.

    □ Give positive, motivational learning suggestions.

    □ Provide learner-benefit statements.

    □ Use a warm-up activity to relax and bond the group.

    □ Project a relaxed, fun, caring attitude.

  2. Presentation

    To stimulate fast, effective learning and accommodate learning styles:

    □ Overview learning sessions, creating a global context.

    □ Create and strengthen connections through variety and multisensory techniques.

    □ Use analogies, metaphors, and mnemonics.

    □ Use colorful, ...

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