Exercise PN2: Analysis of an application process dump (ApplicationA, 32-bit, CLR 4)

Goal: Compare CLR 2 with CLR 4. Manual stack reconstruction (Advanced).

Patterns: Stack Trace Collection; CLR Thread; Version-Specific Extension; Managed Code Exception; Managed Stack Trace; Truncated Stack Trace; Incorrect Stack Trace (Advanced)

Commands: .kframes, kc, dps, k L=<>

  1. Launch WinDbg from Debugging Tools for Windows or Debugging Tools for Windows (x86)

  2. Open \ANETMDA-Dumps\32-bit\Processes\CLR4\ApplicationA.DMP

  3. If you are presented with this dialog say No:

  4. We get the dump file loaded:

    Note: ApplicationA shows this dialog when launched:

    When we click ...

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