Exercise PN3: Analysis of an application process dump (LINQPadB, 32-bit, CLR 2)

Goal: Learn how to find problem assemblies, modules, classes and methods, disassemble code, analyze CPU spikes.

Patterns: Stack Trace Collection; CLR Thread; Version-Specific Extension; Duplicate Extension; JIT Code; Spiking Thread; Annotated Disassembly.

Commands: !anayze -v -hang, !CLRStack, !IP2MD, !runaway, ~<>s, ~<>k, !U, !DumpMD, !DumpClass, !DumpMT, !DumpModule, !DumpAssembly, !DumpDomain

  1. Launch WinDbg from Debugging Tools for Windows or Debugging Tools for Windows (x86)

  2. Open \ANETMDA-Dumps\32-bit\Processes\CLR2\LINQPadB.DMP

  3. If you are presented with this dialog ...

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