Chapter 18. Headers and Footers and Groups, Oh My!

In This Chapter

  • Placing your records in ordered groups

  • Resizing your report's sections

  • Customizing your report's layout

  • Using headers and footers exactly as you need them

  • Expressing yourself through footers

  • Inserting date and time information

The Report Wizard takes much of the stress and decision‐making out of creating reports. This is also true of the Report tool which asks no questions at all and just turns your table into a report — bang, zoom, no fuss, no muss. The Report Wizard is almost that simple; it asks just a few simple questions that you won't have any trouble answering.

Well, maybe no trouble. A few of the questions, which I address in this chapter, may give you a moment's pause, if only because you may not understand what's being asked or how your answer can affect your report. Given that this book is all about eliminating any stress or concern for the Access user, my goal, then, is to explain those questions and to help you make the Report Wizard even more wizardly.

In addition to simplifying the already‐simple Report Wizard, this chapter also covers the use of two very convenient and powerful report features — headers and footers. These stalwart additions appear at the top and/or bottom of your reports, performing whatever role you dictate — from eye candy to outright informers. They can be very spare and simply tell your readers what the name of the report is, or they can be really useful and tell people when the report ...

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