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Access 2013 Intermediate

Video Description

This course is designed to teach students intermediate level skills in Microsoft Access 2013. In this course, students will learn to design tables for improved accuracy in data entry by setting default values and restricting data entry, review the various options to share data with other applications including Word and Excel, learn about Action Queries to automate updating, appending and deleting table data, and review various advanced query techniques such as using Query Joins, Parameter queries, working with totals and Crosstab queries. Students will also learn how to automate processes with Macros, advanced form techniques using Conditional Formatting, Tab controls, Combo Box controls and Sub-Forms, and advanced report techniques using Sub-Reports, columns and inserting charts.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduction 00:02:21
  2. Designing Tables for Improved Accuracy in Data Entry
    1. Reviewing Table Design Principles 00:03:22
    2. Setting Default Values and Required Fields 00:05:27
    3. Restricting Data Entry - Validation Rules 00:06:46
    4. Restricting Data Entry - Input Masks 00:07:44
  3. Sharing Data with Other Applications
    1. Exporting Tables and Queries to Excel 00:02:23
    2. Importing Data from a Text File 00:03:42
    3. Importing Data from Excel 00:04:57
    4. Exporting Data to a Text File 00:02:54
    5. Linking External Data Sources 00:07:42
    6. Using Word Merge 00:05:44
  4. Action Queries
    1. What are Action Queries? 00:02:08
    2. Creating an Update Query 00:06:30
    3. Creating an Append Query 00:04:32
    4. Creating a Delete Query 00:06:16
    5. Creating a Make Table Query 00:04:38
    6. Changing the Start Number of an Auto Number Field 00:04:42
  5. Advanced Query Techniques
    1. Creating Query Joins 00:05:38
    2. Creating Find Unmatched and Find Duplicate Queries 00:05:10
    3. Creating Parameter Queries 00:03:31
    4. Using "Like" Keyword in Parameter Queries 00:04:25
    5. Creating a Top X Query 00:03:25
    6. Reviewing Calculated Query Fields 00:06:48
    7. Summarizing Query Data with Totals 00:04:10
    8. Inserting WHERE Statements in a Summary Query 00:04:17
    9. Creating a Crosstab Query 00:06:54
  6. Automate Processes with Macros
    1. Understanding Macro Basics 00:06:34
    2. Creating Macros to Open Forms by Record 00:06:18
    3. Validating Data Entry with Macros 00:07:07
    4. Creating a Macro to Automate Data Entry 00:06:45
    5. Advanced Data Entry Using Macros and DLOOKUP Functions 00:09:27
  7. Advanced Form Techniques
    1. Using Conditional Formatting 00:04:37
    2. Organizing Form Fields with a Tab Control 00:09:27
    3. Creating a Combo Box Control 00:05:11
    4. Creating an Option Group Control 00:05:08
    5. Configuring a Combo Box Control to Show Search Results 00:05:45
    6. Using a Sub-Form to Show Data from a Related Table 00:04:03
  8. Advanced Report Techniques
    1. Inserting Charts on Reports 00:06:23
    2. Showing Data In Columns 00:03:44
    3. Inserting a Sub-Report 00:06:54
    4. Configuring Reports with Parameter Queries 00:06:22
    5. Sending Reports 00:02:41
  9. Conclusion
    1. Course Recap 00:04:24