Chapter 2Getting Started with Access


  1. Looking at the Access welcome screen
  2. Creating a database from scratch
  3. Opening a new database
  4. Getting acquainted with the Access interface

In this chapter, you'll gain an understanding of the major components of the user interface. If you haven't used Access since the release of Microsoft Office 2003, you may be surprised at the changes to the user interface.

The Access Welcome Screen

If you open Access 2016 via Windows (Start image All Programs image Microsoft Office 2016 image Access 2016), you'll see the default welcome screen shown in Figure 2.1. The welcome screen gives you several options for opening an existing Access database or creating a new database.

Image described by cation and surrounding text.

Figure 2.1 The Access welcome screen provides a number of ways to start working with Access.

In the upper-left corner of the welcome screen, you'll notice the Recent section. ...

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