Chapter 12

Finding, Filtering, and Sorting Your Data — Fast

In This Chapter

arrow Locating data with the Find command

arrow Sorting your database

arrow Filtering by selection

arrow Filtering by form

You probably already know what databases do. They help you store, organize, view, and document the information that’s important to you — your personal information, your business-related information, any kind of information you need to keep track of.

Of course, this is not a new concept. People have been storing information for as long as there’ve been people. From making scratches in the dirt to keep count of the number of sheep in the flock to handwritten census information kept in huge ledgers to metal filing cabinets filled with typed lists and reports, man has been using some form of database for a long, long time.

Over the years — make that decades, even centuries — the process of storing information has gotten easier, even if it’s more technologically complicated than writing things down and putting the paper you wrote it on in a box or drawer.

Thanks to the advent of database software and the Internet, ...

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