Chapter 1

Access 2019 Basic Training


check Deciding when to use Access

check Discovering what’s new in Access 2019

check Unlocking the basics of working with Access

check Figuring out how to get started

Access 2019, the latest version of the Microsoft Office database application, has always been a powerful program, and this version is no different. Chances are, you’re reading this book because all that power makes Access an application that’s not so easy to learn on your own. If you’re hoping to unleash that power for your data, you’ll need us. So, good decision to buy this book!

Now, all that power and the need for our book aside, with the very basic parts of Access, the basic functionality that you’ll discover in this book, you’ll be able to put Access through many of its most important paces, yet you’ll be working with wizards and other onscreen tools that keep you at a comfortable arm’s distance from the software’s inner workings, the things that programmers and serious developers play with. There. Don’t you feel better now?

You don’t have to use every feature and tool and push the ...

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