Chapter 6

Remodeling Your Data


check Opening an existing table or database

check Adding new records to your table

check Changing an existing record

check Renaming fields and tables

check Deleting unwanted records

check Turning back time — to before you made your mistake

From remembering to change your car’s oil every 3,000 miles to cleaning out your rain gutters in the autumn, everything in your surroundings needs a little maintenance now and then. Most of that maintenance involves tidying up, getting rid of old or unwanted things, or making improvements. Sometimes all these things are part of the maintenance process.

Well, it’s no different for your database — an Access database needs a tune-up now and then, just to keep things running right. This can be as simple as checking for blank fields where you need to plug in missing data, as common as purging old or inaccurate records, or a practical matter ...

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