Chapter 9

Importing and Exporting Data


check Pulling data into Access

check Deciding when to import and when to link data

check Speaking in foreign data tongues

check Pushing your comfortable data into the cold, cruel world

It would be nice if all computer software spoke the same language, but unfortunately this is not the case. Software applications have proprietary languages called file formats. Just as a person who speaks only English can’t easily communicate with one who speaks only Spanish, software of one file format cannot directly communicate with software of another file format.

If you’re a typical business user, you’ll come across a situation in which you need some data in your Access database, but it happens to be in another file format. Or you’ll get the question, “Can you put that data in a spreadsheet for me so I can play around with it?”

Do you get ready for tedious hours of data reentry? Not with Access! Access provides tools that speak the languages of other software applications. This chapter looks at these import and export capabilities of Access. If you work with Access ...

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