Chapter 18

Fast and Furious Automatic Reporting


check Creating an instant report from a single table

check Making minor modifications to your instant report

check Setting up a report step by step with the Report Wizard

check Getting a sneak peek at your report-to-be

check Choosing the perfect layout

The fact that you’re reading this chapter right now tells me that either you’ve already been asked to create a report or you’re afraid that might happen. Yes, if you’re like the rest of us, afraid applies now and then — the idea of reporting on a database seems daunting to many users. You might be wondering if you have to learn any complex programming language or master a word processor or desktop publishing application in order to create a professional-looking report.

The answer? Nope. You don’t have to learn anything other than a couple of quick mouse clicks in the Access workspace in order to whip up a snazzy report on the currently open or selected table, in just seconds. And you don’t have to ...

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