Chapter 21

Mailings to the Masses


check Creating labels quickly and simply

check Formatting labels for specific situations

The Report Wizard (covered in Chapters 18 and 20) is just the tip of the Access reporting iceberg. If you’re so inclined, you can use Access to generate useful printouts that you probably never thought of as reports — mailing or product labels. So grab your basket (and your little dog, too), because we’re off to see the wizard again, as Access provides friendly and magical helpers to see you through.

Massive Mailings with the Label Wizard

So you have 5,000 catalogs, postcards, or some other mailable items printed and ready to go out to your adoring (or soon-to-be adoring) public. You also have a big Access database full of names and addresses. How can you introduce these two and get them started on what will surely be a wonderful relationship? Although e-blasts have become even more common as ways to mass “mail” your clients and potential customers, there are still marketing and informative items that (a) require printing, and (b) have to be put in the actual mail.

With the Access Label Wizard, your sheets of labels and your database will be hooked up in no time flat. With the Label Wizard, you can (almost instantly!) generate labels that work with just ...

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