Chapter 8. Programming

Hacks 72–91

VBA, ADO, DAO, SQL, XML: developers subsist in a world of acronyms. The great thing about all these technologies is how well they work together in our custom solutions. You might be familiar with just a handful of these technologies, but when you finish reading this chapter, you will walk away with a bit more knowledge than when you started.

In this chapter, you’ll find hacks that optimize code by reducing the number of lines and reducing repetitive routines. “Substitute Domain Aggregate Functions for SQL Aggregate Functions” [Hack #74] shows you how to reduce code by avoiding SQL functions. Other hacks show you how to protect your code and keep users out of the design elements. One of these, “Protect Programming Code from Curious Users” [Hack #77] , shows you how to apply password protection to your code.

The chapter also contains hacks that enhance the user experience. For example, “Help Users Drill Down to a Record” [Hack #79] helps users quickly find a desired record from a large number of records. And “Save Values from Unbound Controls for Later Recall” [Hack #84] gives users a way to recreate form selections from earlier sessions.

Store Initial Control Selections for Later Recall

The Tag property is a great place to store data about controls. Here’s how to put it to good use.

Combo boxes and listboxes are great for presenting users with choices. As the user makes selections in a combo box or listbox, the value is available to use in ...

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