Chapter 4

Selecting Tools


Building the first-ever MarTech customer experience

Utilizing software platforms for marketing

Marketing techniques to promote your business

B2B marketing and sales professionals have come to rely on technology to connect with their prospects and customers. Back in the day, it was all about “smiling and dialing” cold calling prospects to reach the right person on the phone. Thanks to technology, those days are over. Emails and the internet are making cold calls totally extinct. Today there are more software tools than ever that help to connect marketers with potential new clients.

Account-based marketing (ABM) is all about the intersection of marketing and technology. Marketing exists to help generate awareness and drive revenue for sales. Utilizing modern technology makes creating awareness of your company’s product or service easier than it ever was before. By using technology, you can gather and store all the data on your customers. Thanks to software, you can design compelling content and distribute it to these same customers through targeted activities.

In this chapter, I discuss how changes in marketing technology (MarTech) are impacting the B2B marketing industry and the important trends you should note. I tell you what type of software is essential to include in your B2B MarTech stack that lets you harness the power of data, and how to use these tools for ABM to tie everything back to an account. This chapter gives you the types ...

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