Chapter 16

Valuing Customer Advocacy


Making your customers your marketers

Differentiating between a reference and a referral

Utilizing word-of-mouth marketing

Customer advocacy is the most authentic type of marketing. According to a Nielsen survey spanning more than 100 countries, 92 percent of people surveyed said they would choose the recommendation of a family member or friend over any other marketing channel. This statistic demonstrates how there is no longer an effective form of mass media. Marketing must be highly personalized and based on trust.

As the proliferation of social media continues to make our world hyper-connected, you must deliver organic messaging that builds trust. Establishing relationships makes it easier for sales to close more business, faster, by using customers to help sing your company’s praises. The recommendations from your customers will be exponentially more impactful than any piece of marketing content you can create. You can use your own customers’ voices to tell a story about how your company helped them in an unbiased way.

In this chapter, I tell you how to leverage your customers to make them champions of your brand. I discuss why making your customers your marketers will be a much better ROI and even spark innovations for your company’s product or service offering.

The Rising Influence of the Customer Voice

Your customers have more power than ever before, and they’ll keep getting more influence. It is important to note ...

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