Why You Need This Book

When I say the words “financial statements,” what goes through your mind? C’mon, be honest. Take a minute and write down your unscreened thoughts. It is okay if four-letter epithets come to mind. No one will see this but you.

Here are some comments written over the years by attendees of my workshop “I Hate Numbers: Accounting for the Numberphobic”:

“Makes me want to get in the fetal position and cry.”

“I’d rather spend a weekend listening to my mother-in-law.”

“I hate numbers and they hate me. It’s mutual.”

“That’s my accountant’s problem.”

“I’m a designer. I can’t be bothered.”

“If I work hard enough, the numbers will take care of themselves.”

“The great black hole.”

“Keeps me up at night.”

“Someone ...

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