To The Student

This study guide is provided as a significant aid in your study of Accounting Principles, 11th Edition by Jerry J. Weygandt and Donald E. Kieso and Paul D. Kimmel. The material in the study guide is designed to reinforce your understanding of the principles and procedures presented in the textbook. It is important to recognize that the study guide is a supplement to and not a substitute for the textbook.

This study guide contains the following materials for each chapter in the textbook: (a) study objectives, (b) a preview of the chapter, (c) a chapter review consisting of 20-30 key points, (d) a demonstration problem, (e) 20 true—false statements, (f) 20 multiple choice questions, (g) a matching question pertaining to key terms, and (h) 2-3 exercises. At the end of each chapter, answers to questions and exercises are provided in order to enable you to assess your comprehension of the material. Included are solutions explaining why the answer is what it is, so you get immediate feedback as to what, how, or why.

You will realize the maximum benefit from this study guide by following the approach suggested below.

  1. Carefully read and study the chapter material in the textbook.
  2. Read the chapter preview and review material in the study guide.
  3. Answer the questions and exercises for the chapter in the study guide and compare your answers with those provided in the study guide. For any incorrect answers, refer back to the textbook for a discussion of the point you ...

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