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Achieve your goals

Book Description

If you have ever set yourself a goal and then watched helplessly as it slipped away this is the book for you. Whatever you want to do in life you need to take charge of your dreams, put a plan in place and follow it. It's a common problem and has been for hundreds of years. The first of the books we've sought advice from was published in the mid-eighteenth century, while the most recent one was published nearly two hundred years later. The ideas in both these and the other five books we've turned to are still amazingly relevant. The ideas in Achieve your goals are drawn from best-selling titles in the Infinite Success series. This series takes the most important ideas from self help classics and gives them a contemporary twist, and Achieve your goals contains striking nuggets of wisdom from: Napoleon Hill's Think and grow rich; Samuel Smiles' Self-Help; George S. Clason's The Richest Man in Babylon; Robert Collier's The Secret of the Ages; Ralph Waldo Emerson's Self-reliance; Bertrand Russell's The Conquest of Happiness and Benjamin Franklin's The Way to Wealth. To make these ideas accessible we've illustrated the thoughts of the classic writers with examples drawn from twenty-first century life. In the 'Here's an idea for you…' section at the end of every chapter we've also given you some hints on how to put the ideas in that chapter into practice right now.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Find your definite major purpose
  3. We all have superhuman abilities
  4. Opportunity can sneak in by the back door
  5. What does your vocabulary say about you?
  6. You get what you focus on
  7. Be a practical dreamer
  8. Infinite intelligence doesn’t discriminate
  9. The conscious and subconscious mind
  10. Commit or don’t bother trying
  11. You’ll never know until you’ve tried
  12. Get out of the rut
  13. Do your best
  14. We can do only what we think we can do
  15. Definiteness of purpose
  16. What is prayer?
  17. Discipline and consistency are key
  18. Unused talent decays
  19. No such thing as bad luck
  20. Getting partners on board
  21. Make a decision and stick to it
  22. Burning down the house
  23. Engage your emotions toward your goal
  24. No one can have everything they want!
  25. Down, but not out
  26. Don’t think of abracadabra
  27. If you can’t make gold, make porcelain
  28. Conduct your own annual review
  29. Get help
  30. Never enough
  31. Pass the persistence test
  32. The law of visualization
  33. Getting back on the horse
  34. You don’t need to know the detail
  35. Visualizing victory
  36. A fairy-wishing ring
  37. Everyone can change if they want to
  38. Don’t stop because you make it
  39. Good luck rewards those who accept opportunity
  40. The discouragement disease
  41. Be prepared to change your strategy
  42. Don’t delay – procrastination destroys opportunity
  43. Life will find a way
  44. What colour do you see the world?
  45. The time is now
  46. Determination can solve anything
  47. Persistence versus stupidity
  48. The importance of setting goals
  49. Assume a virtue
  50. Age is irrelevant
  51. The six ghosts of fear
  52. More from Infinite Ideas
  53. Copyright notice