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John OrvosAchieving Business Agilityhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3855-4_6

6. Sounding the Alarm at Solar Corona

John Orvos1 
Belle Mead, New Jersey, USA

Yearly Budget Meeting: Finance Wants to Cut the Spend

It’s 10:00 AM Monday morning as the managers shuffle in to the conference room for the yearly budget review meeting. Oscar Dayton, CFO, is nervously pacing at the back of the room. Oscar had arrived earlier than the rest of the executives, trying to give himself just a few more minutes to prepare for what he knew would be a contentious meeting.

Oscar was a tall, thin man in his mid-40s and a staunchly loyal executive that had been at Solar Corona for 17 years. He was well-liked by most of the other executives, who had come to ...

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