What other project . . . will deliver $12M to the bottom line and free up $15M in cash?
When our old customers come back to us, we’ll know we’ve been successful.
An opportunity to participate in a change effort of this magnitude may come along only once in a person’s career.
Integrated Business Management . . . must be led from the top, passionately.
The two weeks between the teams’ self-assessment and the overview education (Three-day Business Excellence Overview) couldn’t have passed more slowly for Greg. During the two weeks, there were additional product launch problems and customer service issues, but Greg could already see that the people who participated in the Capable Planning and Control Milestone Assessment were beginning to respond and work more effectively across functional boundaries. There was a noticeable effort to develop customer-focused solutions to problems instead of functionally expedient solutions.
On a previous visit, David had been impressed when he saw Roxanne taking notes in an electronic, web-based version of the Checklist, called the eList, already tailored for Cosmetics Products’ milestones. She demonstrated the tool for David and told him that, with a license, he and his Initiative Coordinator could use eList to document progress against every definition and description, and record internal assessment scoring results. Before each visit, she would then be able to review their latest status update from her ...

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