What's actionable intelligence?

In speaking around the world on the topic of making better decisions using facts, I've found again and again that leaders from all industries yearn for more information. They want to be able to assess risks and opportunities quickly and efficiently. They want answers in enough time to be able to make a difference. They want to seize opportunities. They need intelligence that is on time and accurate. They want what I call “actionable intelligence.”

A Vision of What Could Be: The Hospital Information System

As I was beginning my own journey into actionable intelligence, my mother had a stroke. Her stroke led me to understand the real need for intelligence in a transformative way.

It was a gray day in early 2010. I was on my way to my office at the Estée Lauder Companies, Inc. in Melville, New York, where I was working in a global role establishing an intelligence organization, running the project management office (PMO) for supply chain, managing Sarbanes -Oxley and customs compliance, and implementing operational efficiencies throughout the business.

As I drove to the office, my head was filled with thoughts of supply chain intelligence. My thoughts were interrupted when my cell phone started ringing.

It was my father.

“Son, I'm at the hospital. Your mother fainted in the bathroom this morning and I couldn't revive her.”

Silence. . ..

I asked, “Where are you? What hospital?”

“Please come to South Nassau Community Hospital,” he responded. ...

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