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Active Server Pages 3.0 from Scratch

Book Description

In Active Server Pages 3.0 From Scratch, Nicholas Chase takes novice Web programmers through the process of planning, designing, and building a Web site using Active Server Pages. You will create an online magazine that has news, interviews, and archives, a small memorabilia store, person-to-person auctions, and personalized start pages. Topics include planning and designing a Web site, VBScript, connecting to databases, HTML forms, personalizing the user experience using cookies, building an auction system, and building an electronic storefront.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Author
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Foreword
  5. Tell Us What You Think!
  6. Introduction
  7. Planning and Designing a Professional Web Site
    1. Why Plan?
    2. Defining the Project
    3. How the Web Works
    4. Working With the Personal Web Manager
    5. Building a Shell
    6. Interface Design
    7. Summary
    8. Next Steps
  8. Getting Started With Active Server Pages
    1. Using Visual InterDev
    2. Using an FTP Client
    3. Starting Our Interface
    4. What You're Shooting For
    5. ASP Basics
    6. Summary
  9. Creating Interactive Web Content
    1. The User Interface
    2. Typical Content
    3. Server Side Includes
    4. The Importance of Being Consistent
    5. Digging a Little Deeper
    6. The Content Linking Component
    7. Content Rotator
    8. Banner Ads and AdRotator
    9. The Page Counter Component
    10. Next Steps
  10. Database Access Using ASP
    1. Creating The Database and ODBC DSN
    2. Inserting Records into the Database
    3. Creating a Connection to the Database
    4. SQL Basics: Insert
    5. Adding Interactivity with Forms
    6. Data Modeling
    7. Error Handling
    8. Completing the Form
    9. Tidying Up—HTML Tables
    10. Summary
  11. Personalizing the Site Using Cookies and Database Information
    1. Why Personalize?
    2. Introduction to Cookies
    3. Querying the Database
    4. Cookie Expiration Dates
    5. Customizing mySpace
    6. Putting It All Together
    7. Summary
  12. Adding Person-To-Person Auction Capabilities
    1. Auction Data Model
    2. More on RecordSets
    3. Moving On
    4. Seeing Our Auctions
    5. Personalizing Our Site Through myAuctions
    6. One More Step: Third Party Components and Emailing Users
    7. Next Steps
  13. Creating Electronic Storefronts and Implementing Shopping Carts
    1. Category Listings
    2. Searching For Products
    3. Taking Orders
    4. Next Steps
  14. System Adminstration via ASP
    1. Security
    2. Displaying a Table
    3. Storing myLinks Information in the Database
    4. Uploading myNews Files: From the Browser to the Server
    5. Creating Files on the Server: Formatting the News
    6. Reading a File: Importing Product Data
    7. The Next Big Thing: eXtensible Markup Language
    8. Transactions and Errors
    9. Handling Errors in ASP
    10. Summary
    11. Next Steps
  15. Adding Professional Site Features
    1. Know Your Audience
    2. Bells and Whistles
    3. Letting the World Know You're Out There
    4. Search Engines
    5. Where Do We Go From Here?
  16. Index