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Adobe Acrobat 7 in the Office

Book Description

Offering a raft of Microsoft Office collaboration features (plus the ability to review and comment on Acrobat Pro--created documents using just Reader), Acrobat is no longer just for pre-press and creative professionals. Acrobat can simplify workflows in all kinds of business settings. All you need is this handy guide to delineate those uses and show you how you can put Acrobat to work to make your own life easier! In these pages, veteran author Donna L. Baker uses cases studies and real-world examples to show you how to use Acrobat for everything from sending documents securely to creating forms and building presentations. Each case study details the most efficient ways to convert source documents into PDF documents, and reveals the how's and whys of using Acrobat in specific situations--from creating an annual report to setting up an email ordering system for a take-out restaurant. You'll learn how to create archives of Outlook email threads, manage document feedback, embed fonts, and more on your way to Acrobat proficiency.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Introduction
    1. Is This Book For You?
    2. Goals of This Book
    3. How to Use This Book
    4. Make the Program Work for You
      1. Conventions Used in This Book
    5. Online Content
  4. 1. Getting Your Bearings
    1. Introducing Acrobat 7 Professional
      1. Acrobat Versions
    2. The Interface
      1. The Program Window
      2. Window Panes
      3. The Status Bar
      4. Toolbars and Task Buttons
      5. Tools for Your Type
        1. Task Buttons
    3. Opening and Saving Documents
    4. “How To” Stop Along the Way
      1. Mining the Depths for More Help
    5. Making Your Exit
  5. 2. Building a Sales Proposal from Multiple Files
    1. Doggone It!
    2. Steps Involved in This Project
    3. Creating a PDF from a PowerPoint Presentation
      1. Preparing the Presentation for Conversion
      2. Converting the Presentation
    4. Creating PDF Documents from Web Pages
      1. Converting a Web Page to PDF
      2. Converting Selected Content From a Web Page to PDF
    5. Combining Documents in Acrobat
    6. Modifying a Spreadsheet PDF
      1. Capturing Content from a Page
      2. Using Clipboard Content
      3. Revising the Binder Document
    7. Changing Page Sizes
    8. Tweaking Content on a Page
      1. Setting a Selection Preference
      2. Repositioning the Page’s Content
    9. Sorting Pages
    10. Modifying the Document’s Bookmarks
      1. Deleting Unnecessary Bookmarks
      2. Renaming the Bookmarks
      3. Reordering the Bookmark List
      4. Resetting the Bookmark Views
    11. Setting the View
    12. Using Page Transitions
      1. Adding Transitions
      2. Viewing the Slideshow
      3. Changing the Presentation’s Background Color
    13. What Else Can They Do?
  6. 3. Building a Slideshow Presentation with Picture Tasks
    1. Picture This
    2. Steps Involved in This Project
    3. Assembling the Files
    4. Picture Tasks
      1. Picture Tasks How To Window
    5. Creating a Slideshow Using Picture Tasks
    6. Reducing the File Size for E-mail
    7. Sending the Presentation
    8. What Else Can She Do?
  7. 4. Creating an Interactive Map
    1. Fleur-de-Lis Travel
    2. Steps Involved in This Project
    3. Preparing the Images
    4. Converting Images in Acrobat
    5. Naming Project Content
    6. Drawing a Button
    7. Duplicating Buttons
    8. Creating the Other Button Sets
    9. Adding Action to the Buttons
    10. Organizing the Button Layout
    11. Modifying an Image in Acrobat
    12. Adding a Link to the Map
    13. Securing the Map
    14. What Else Can She Do?
  8. 5. Creating Online Content in Acrobat
    1. Chuck Norris Real Estate
    2. Steps Involved in This Project
    3. Building the Master Document
    4. Using Flash on the Master Document
      1. Customizing the Movie
    5. Using the Pages on a PDA
    6. Exporting a Web Page
      1. Changing Preferences
      2. Choosing the HTML Format
    7. Replacing Pages
    8. What Else Could He Do?
  9. 6. Managing a Print Job
    1. Big Bob’s Furniture Emporium
    2. Steps Involved in This Project
    3. Method 1: Using Acrobat’s Preflight Tool
      1. Converting the Source Document
      2. Preflighting the PDF File
      3. Interpreting Preflight Results
        1. What the Report Contains
        2. What the Results Mean
    4. Method 2: Using Acrobat Distiller
      1. Printing the Document to a File
        1. What If There Are Errors?
      2. Creating the PDF File in Distiller
      3. Preflighting the PDF File Again
    5. Method 3: Faster Document Conversions in Word
    6. Building a Preflight Droplet
    7. What Else Can She Do?
  10. 7. Managing E-mail Using Acrobat
    1. Sorting the (e)Mail
    2. Steps Involved in This Project
    3. Devising an E-mail Folder System
    4. Converting Folders of E-mail to PDF
      1. Adjusting Conversion Settings
        1. Choosing Conversion Options
      2. Processing the Files
    5. Appending E-mail Documents to PDF Files
    6. Viewing Converted E-mail Documents
    7. Searching E-mail PDFs
    8. Organizing Files in Acrobat
      1. Managing Collections
      2. Other Organizer Options
        1. Using History Files
        2. Defining Favorites
    9. Working with Organizer Content
      1. Viewing and Sorting Documents
      2. Working with Files in the Organizer
    10. Using PDF File Attachments
      1. Displaying Attachments
      2. Adding More Attachments
      3. Other Attachment Activities
        1. Adding Descriptions
        2. Opening Attachments
        3. Saving the Attachments
        4. Deleting the Attachments
        5. Searching the Attachments
    11. Securing File Attachments
    12. Using an eEnvelope in Acrobat
      1. Using the Wizard
      2. Finishing the Secure Package
    13. What Else Can She Do?
  11. 8. Making Accessible Documents in Acrobat
    1. Lend a Helping Hand
    2. Steps Involved in This Project
    3. Testing and Tagging a File
      1. Performing a Quick Check
      2. Adding Tags in Acrobat
      3. Working with Tags
    4. Appending a Web Page to a PDF File
      1. Adding the Page
      2. Reviewing the New Tags
      3. Deleting Extra Tags
    5. Running an Accessibility Status Check
      1. Running a Full Check
      2. Interpreting the Results
    6. Adding Alternate Text
      1. Correcting Document Problems
      2. Removing Comments from the File
    7. Reading Order
      1. Checking the Reading Order
      2. Modifying Reading Order
    8. Read Aloud to Me
      1. Reading Preferences
      2. Reading the File
    9. Controlling a Document with Articles
      1. Adding the First Article Thread
      2. Finishing the Project’s Articles
    10. Modifying Articles
    11. Reading Articles
      1. Navigating Through a File Manually
      2. Navigating Using the Articles Pane
    12. Simulating High-Contrast Viewers
    13. Diane’s Read-Me Instruction File
    14. What Else Can She Do?
  12. 9. Converting and Updating a Simple Form
    1. May I Take Your Order?
    2. Steps Involved in This Project
    3. Redesigning the Source Document
    4. Converting the Source Document
    5. Updating the Daily Specials Content
      1. “X” Marks the Specials—Stamp Tools
        1. Custom Stamps
      2. The Soup of the Day—Touching Up Text
      3. Making Changes Tomorrow
    6. Spreading the Word by E-mail
    7. What Else Could He Do?
  13. 10. Making a Form Interactive
    1. Joe’s Deli, Part 2
    2. Steps Involved in This Project
    3. Designing the Form’s Function
    4. Modifying the Form’s Source Document
    5. Form Elements—Things to Consider
      1. Develop a Logical Naming Scheme
    6. Information Text Fields
      1. Creating Multiple Fields
      2. Renaming Fields
      3. Resizing and Realigning Fields
        1. Point It Out
    7. Adding Radio Buttons
    8. Working in the Fields Pane
    9. Building a Combo Box
      1. Storing the Value
      2. Say “Cheese, Please”
      3. Storing Another Value
    10. Creating a List Box
    11. Adding a Text Field for Special Instructions
    12. Building a Set of Calculated Text Fields
      1. Duplicating Fields Automatically
    13. Calculating Costs
      1. Scripting the First Field
      2. Scripting the Other Side Dish Fields
      3. Testing the Calculated Fields
    14. Adding and Configuring Check Boxes for the Specials
      1. Choosing the Soup Special
      2. The Sandwich Special
      3. Assigning Actions to the Check Box
    15. Adding Hidden Text Fields
    16. Final Form Field Fixes
    17. Your Total Is...
      1. Calculate the Subtotal
      2. Adding Sales Tax to the Order
      3. Delivery Charges
      4. The Grand Total
    18. Final Testing
      1. Troubleshooting Field Order Errors
      2. Hiding Fields
    19. Making the Form Easy to Use
      1. Saving the Information
      2. Saving the Form’s Content
      3. Bringing the Data Back
      4. E-mailing the Order In
        1. Testing the E-mail
        2. What Happens at Joe’s End
      5. Resetting the Contents
    20. What Else Can He Do?
  14. 11. Working with Technical Drawings
    1. That’s the Plan
    2. Steps Involved in This Project
    3. Converting the Drawing
      1. Choosing Conversion Settings
      2. Performing the Conversion
      3. Viewing the Document Status
    4. Measuring Objects
      1. Measuring Distance on a Drawing
    5. Measuring the Perimeter of an Object
      1. Determining the Size of an Area
    6. Modifying Annotations
    7. Enabling the File for Use in Adobe Reader
    8. E-mailing the Drawing
    9. Opening the Drawing in Adobe Reader
    10. Viewing Object Data
      1. Displaying Object Data
      2. Fun with Objects
    11. Adding Comments to the Drawing
      1. Responding to Comments
      2. Using Object Data Information in a Comment
      3. Using Dimension Comments
    12. Adding a Dynamic Comment
    13. Sending Comments
    14. Integrating Comments
      1. Integrating Comments from an E-mail Window
      2. Importing Comments in Acrobat
    15. What Else Can Ty and Syd Do?
  15. 12. Assembling a Library
    1. The ARWU
    2. Steps Involved in This Project
    3. Converting Word Documents for the Collection
    4. Scanning in Acrobat
    5. Working with a Scanned Document
    6. Converting Web Pages to PDF
      1. Converting an Entire Web Page
      2. Attaching Pages
    7. Designing an Index
    8. Building and Applying an Index
      1. Setting Preferences
      2. Maintaining an Index
    9. Testing the Index
    10. Using a Batch Sequence
      1. Adding the Watermark
      2. Finishing the Batch Sequence
    11. Maintaining the Catalog
    12. What Else Can He Do?
  16. 13. Communicating with Comments
    1. Lemming Systems
    2. Steps Involved in This Project
    3. Converting the Source Document
      1. Starting a Review Directly from Word
    4. Checking the Document
      1. Specifying the Opening View
    5. Initiating a Comment and Review Cycle
    6. Participating in a Review
    7. Using Commenting Tools
      1. Adding a Comment
    8. Using Text Edit Tools
      1. Working with the Select Tool
    9. Returning and Integrating Comments
      1. Returning Comments
      2. Integrating Comments
    10. Managing the Review
      1. Opening the Tracker
      2. Managing the Review
    11. Using the Comments List
    12. Exporting Comments to a Word Document (Windows)
      1. Exporting the Comments
      2. Integrating Edits and Comments into the Word Document
    13. What Else Can He Do?
  17. 14. Secure Reviewing and Reporting
    1. Sign Here, Please
    2. Steps Involved in This Project
    3. Creating the Basic PDF Files
      1. Checking Conversion Settings
      2. Creating the PDF File
    4. Starting the Review
    5. Incorporating the Comments
    6. Making and Tracking Corrections
      1. Sorting the Comments
      2. Touching Up Text
      3. Tracking the Comments
    7. Inserting a Page
    8. Using Headers and Footers
    9. Creating a Comments Summary
      1. Automatically Creating a Summary
    10. Preparing the Document for Signing
      1. Saving a Copy
      2. Deleting the Draft Label
      3. Deleting Comments
    11. Placing Stamp Comments on the Page
      1. Preparing the Page View
      2. Adding Stamp Instructions
    12. Adding Signature Fields
      1. Adding the First Field
      2. Copying Fields
        1. Adjusting the Fields’ Tooltips
      3. Modifying the Fields’ Appearance
    13. Importing a Certificate
    14. Modifying the Document’s Layers
    15. Certifying the Document
    16. Routing and Signing the Document
    17. Working with Signatures
      1. Validating the Signatures
      2. Examining a Signed Document
    18. Finishing the Document
    19. What Else Can She Do?