Adobe Acrobat 9 Classroom in a Book

Book description

No Acrobat user can afford to miss a beat in his or her production and business task workflow--which makes mastering new versions of key tools like Acrobat a problem. Realizing that the users Acrobat 9 is designed for--creative professionals, business users, and technical  professionals -- aren't going to interrupt their work schedules to take a class in the software, Adobe has brought the classroom to them in this handy, comprehensive book. Through a series of self-paced lessons (each of which builds on the last and includes hands-on projects that the reader can create using the files on the CD-ROM), this guide acquaints users with all of Acrobat's regular and industrial-strength features for creating, reviewing, editing, commenting on, modifying, and preflighting PDF files. Readers who are already familiar with the basics of using Acrobat will get up to speed on significantly overhauled new features available in Acrobat 9.

Acrobat 9 Pro offers a new PDF Portfolio feature that lets users bring multiple files together in a single interactive PDF portfolio. Acrobat 9 Pro also offers users a dramatically overhauled form creation tool; a streamlined, interactive document review process; synchronized document views; powerful redaction tools, and more.Acrobat Pro Extended (formerly Adobe Acrobat 3D Version 8) offers Windows users added functionality, such as new 3D capabilities, PDF mapping features, video conversion tools, native support for Flash technology (so users can include video, animations, and applications in Acrobat and Acrobat Reader PDF files),  and Adobe Presenter, which lets users create interactive presentations with PowerPoint and then publish them to PDF.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. What’s On the CD
    1. Lesson files ... and so much more
  3. Getting Started
    1. About Classroom in a Book
    2. Acrobat Pro, Acrobat Pro Extended, and Acrobat Standard
    3. Prerequisites
    4. Installing Adobe Acrobat
    5. Starting Adobe Acrobat
    6. Copying the Classroom in a Book files
    7. Additional resources
    8. Adobe certification
  4. 1. Introducing Adobe Acrobat 9
    1. Lesson Overview
    2. About Adobe PDF
    3. About Adobe Acrobat
      1. Creating Adobe PDF files
      2. Working with PDF files
      3. Reading PDF files
    4. Adobe PDF on the web
    5. A first look at the work area
    6. Viewing PDF presentations in Full Screen mode
    7. Designing documents for online viewing
    8. Getting help
      1. Using Adobe Acrobat 9 Help
    9. Review questions
    10. Review answers
  5. 2. Looking at the Work Area
    1. Lesson Overview
    2. Opening a PDF file in the work area
    3. Working with Acrobat tools and toolbars
      1. Reviewing the toolbars
      2. Showing and hiding toolbars
      3. Docking, floating, and rearranging toolbars
      4. Hiding button labels
      5. Locking toolbars
      6. Resetting the toolbars
      7. Selecting tools
      8. Accessing hidden tools and toolbars from the Tools menu
      9. Adding tools to a toolbar
      10. Using keyboard shortcuts to select tools
    4. Working with Acrobat task buttons
    5. Working with the navigation pane
      1. Reviewing the navigation pane buttons
      2. Using the navigation pane
    6. Using Organizer
      1. Locating and sorting PDFs in Organizer
      2. Creating a collection
    7. Review questions
    8. Review answers
  6. 3. Creating Adobe PDF Files
    1. Lesson Overview
    2. About creating Adobe PDF files
    3. Using the Create PDF command
    4. Dragging and dropping files
    5. Converting and combining different types of files
      1. Assembling the files
      2. Converting and consolidating the files
    6. Using the Print command to create Adobe PDF files
      1. Printing to the Adobe PDF printer
    7. About the Adobe PDF Settings (presets)
    8. Reducing file size
    9. About compression and resampling
    10. Inserting multimedia files
    11. Scanning a paper document
    12. Converting emails to PDF (Windows)
      1. Converting email folders
      2. Setting up automatic archiving
    13. Converting web pages to Adobe PDF
      1. Connecting to the web
      2. Setting options for converting web pages
      3. Converting web pages from within Acrobat
      4. Downloading and converting linked pages
      5. Converting web pages in Internet Explorer (Windows)
      6. Looking at the conversion preferences
      7. Converting selected portions of web pages to Adobe PDF
    14. Exploring on your own: Creating Adobe PDF from the context menu (Windows)
      1. Using the Convert To Adobe PDF command
      2. Using the Combine Supported Files In Acrobat command
    15. Review questions
    16. Review answers
  7. 4. Creating Adobe PDF from Microsoft Office Files (Windows)
    1. Lesson Overview
    2. About PDFMaker
    3. Converting Microsoft Word files to Adobe PDF
      1. About the Microsoft Word file
      2. Converting Word headings and styles to PDF bookmarks
      3. Converting Word comments to PDF notes
      4. Looking at the conversion settings
      5. Converting your Word file
    4. Inserting 3D content into PowerPoint presentations (Acrobat Pro Extended)
      1. Changing the preview size
      2. Changing the default view
      3. Converting to Adobe PDF
    5. Converting Excel documents and starting a review
      1. About the Excel file
      2. Converting the entire workbook
      3. Starting an email-based review
      4. Using the spreadsheet split view
    6. Converting web pages from Internet Explorer
    7. Exploring on your own: Exporting tables from PDF files
    8. Exploring on your own: Converting and combining multiple Office files
    9. Review questions
    10. Review answers
  8. 5. Combining Files in PDF Portfolios
    1. Lesson Overview
    2. About PDF Portfolios
    3. Getting started
    4. Creating a PDF Portfolio
      1. Organizing files in folders
      2. Adding descriptions to component files
    5. Customizing your PDF Portfolio
      1. Selecting a layout
      2. Selecting a color scheme
      3. Adding a header
      4. Adding a welcome page
    6. Sharing your PDF Portfolio
    7. Securing a PDF Portfolio
    8. Searching a PDF Portfolio
    9. Review questions
    10. Review answers
  9. 6. Reading and Working with PDF Files
    1. Lesson Overview
    2. Changing the opening view
    3. About the onscreen display
    4. Reading PDF documents
      1. Using the Reading Mode
      2. Browsing the document
      3. Browsing with page thumbnails
      4. Changing the page view magnification
      5. Using the Dynamic Zoom tool
      6. Following links
    5. Searching PDF documents
    6. Printing PDF documents
    7. Filling out PDF forms
    8. About flexibility, accessibility, and structure
    9. Looking at accessible documents
      1. Working with a tagged Adobe PDF file
      2. Checking for accessibility
      3. Reflowing a flexible PDF file
    10. Making files flexible and accessible
    11. Adding tags
    12. Adding Alt Text (alternate text)
    13. Using the Acrobat accessibility features
      1. Using the Accessibility Setup Assistant
      2. About automatic scrolling
      3. About keyboard shortcuts
      4. Changing background color
      5. Smoothing text
      6. Magnifying bookmark text
      7. Setting screen reader and reading out loud preferences
    14. Review questions
    15. Review answers
  10. 7. Enhancing and Editing PDF Documents
    1. Lesson Overview
    2. Looking at the work file
    3. Moving pages with page thumbnails
    4. Editing Adobe PDF pages
      1. Rotating a page
      2. Inserting a page from another file
      3. Cropping a page
    5. Editing links
    6. Inserting one PDF file into another PDF file
    7. Working with bookmarks
      1. Adding a bookmark
      2. Changing a bookmark destination
      3. Moving bookmarks
    8. Deleting a page
    9. Renumbering pages
    10. Editing and extracting text and images
      1. Editing text
      2. Copying text and images from a PDF file
      3. Copying all the text
      4. Copying and pasting small amounts of text
      5. Copying individual images
    11. Editing images using the TouchUp Object tool
    12. Converting PDF pages to image format files
    13. Review questions
    14. Review answers
  11. 8. Adding Signatures and Security
    1. Lesson Overview
    2. Getting started
    3. About digital signatures
    4. Creating digital signatures
      1. Adding images to your digital signatures
      2. Selecting a signing method
      3. Opening the work file
      4. Creating digital IDs
      5. Signing the advertisement
      6. Modifying signed documents
    5. About security
    6. Looking at security settings
    7. Adding security to PDF files
    8. Adding passwords
      1. Opening password-protected files
    9. Certifying PDF files
    10. Signing certified documents
    11. Exploring on your own: Using security envelopes
    12. Review questions
    13. Review answers
  12. 9. Using Acrobat in a Review Cycle
    1. Lesson Overview
    2. About the review process
    3. Getting started
    4. Adding comments to a PDF document
    5. About the commenting tools
      1. Adding sticky notes
      2. Emphasizing text
      3. Marking up documents with the Text Edits tool
    6. Working with comments
      1. Importing comments
      2. Viewing comments
    7. Initiating a shared review
      1. Inviting reviewers
      2. Participating in a shared review
      3. Tracking review comments
    8. Exploring on your own: Initiating live collaboration
    9. Review questions
    10. Review answers
  13. 10. Working with Forms in Acrobat
    1. Lesson Overview
    2. Getting started
    3. Converting PDF files to interactive PDF forms
    4. Adding form fields
      1. Adding a text field
      2. Adding a multiline text field
      3. Adding radio buttons
      4. Adding an action button
    5. Distributing forms
    6. Collecting form data
    7. Working with form data
    8. Exploring on your own: Calculating and validating numeric fields
      1. Validating numeric fields
      2. Calculating numeric fields
    9. Review questions
    10. Review answers
  14. 11. Creating Multimedia Presentations
    1. Lesson Overview
    2. Getting started
    3. Adding a video file to a PDF file (Acrobat Pro and Pro Extended)
    4. Adding a Flash animation (Acrobat Pro and Pro Extended)
    5. Assigning a poster file for a video or animation (Acrobat Pro and Pro Extended)
    6. Creating a presentation
      1. Combining PDF files
      2. Setting transitions
      3. Specifying Full Screen mode
    7. Review questions
    8. Review answers
  15. 12. Using the Legal Features
    1. Lesson Overview
    2. About Bates numbering and redaction
    3. Applying Bates numbering
    4. Defining Bates numbering
    5. Editing Bates numbering
    6. Applying redaction
    7. Changing the Documents preferences
    8. Setting the Redaction tool properties
    9. Searching text for redaction
    10. Creating PDF Portfolios
    11. Review questions
    12. Review answers
  16. 13. Using the Engineering and Technical Features
    1. Lesson Overview
    2. Getting started
    3. Working with layers
    4. Using the Pan & Zoom tool
    5. Using the 2D measuring tools
      1. Setting the Measuring preferences
      2. Using the Distance tool
      3. Exporting measurements to spreadsheets
    6. Using the Loupe tool
    7. Converting a drawing file to PDF (Acrobat Pro and Pro Extended)
    8. Permanently removing text from PDF documents
    9. Using the PDF Maps feature
    10. Geospatial registration (Acrobat Pro Extended)
    11. Review questions
    12. Review answers
  17. 14. Using Acrobat in Professional Printing
    1. Lesson Overview
    2. Getting started
    3. Creating PDF files for print and prepress
    4. Preflighting files (Acrobat Pro and Pro Extended)
    5. Working with transparency (Acrobat Pro and Pro Extended)
      1. Previewing transparency
      2. Specifying flattener preview settings
    6. Setting up color management
    7. Previewing your print job
      1. Previewing color separations
      2. Soft-proofing your document
      3. Inspecting objects in a PDF file
    8. Advanced printing controls
    9. Review questions
    10. Review answers
  18. 15. Working with 3D in PDF Files
    1. Lesson Overview
    2. About Acrobat Pro Extended and Adobe 3D Reviewer (Windows)
    3. Working with 3D content in PDF files
      1. Working with the 3D toolbar
      2. Manipulating a 3D model
      3. Accessing the Walk tool
      4. Using the Views menu
      5. Using the viewing options
      6. Showing and hiding parts with the Model Tree
      7. Selecting parts
      8. Zooming in on a part
      9. Isolating a part
      10. Showing and hiding parts
    4. Reviewing and commenting on 3D models
    5. Converting 3D design files to PDF (Acrobat Pro Extended)
      1. Dragging a file onto the Acrobat icon
      2. Changing the conversion settings
    6. Using 3D PDF files in your manufacturing workflow (Acrobat Pro Extended)
      1. Incorporating PMI and model geometry
      2. Viewing product information
      3. Exporting geometry from a 3D model
    7. Using 3D models in technical publishing (Acrobat Pro Extended)
    8. Review questions
    9. Review answers
  19. Production Notes
    1. Images
    2. Typefaces used
    3. Team credits

Product information

  • Title: Adobe Acrobat 9 Classroom in a Book
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2008
  • Publisher(s): Adobe Press
  • ISBN: 9780321592200