Adobe Acrobat 9 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide

Book Description

Adobe Acrobat 9 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide walks readers through tasks that are enhanced by numerous screenshots to teach beginning and intermediate users how to take advantage of the productive power of Adobe Acrobat. Author John Deubert takes readers through all of the basic Acrobat 9 features, from the basic tools used to create PDF documents and the newly enhanced review functionality, to the advanced tools that create digital signatures, interactive forms, and PDF Portfolios. Beginning users will find a thorough introduction to this indispensable application, and Acrobat power users will enjoy a convenient reference guide that relies on straightforward language, clear steps, and practical tips to explore Acrobat’s many capabilities.

Visual QuickStart Guide—the quick and easy way to learn!

•    Easy visual approach uses pictures to guide you through Acrobat and show you what to do.

•    Concise steps and explanations let you get up and running in no time.

•    Page for page, the best content and value around.

•    John Deubert is a longtime consultant and instructor in Acrobat and PDF, having worked with both since the mid-nineties. He has extensive experience in PostScript and JavaScript and is the author of Adobe Acrobat 8 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide, and two books from Adobe Press: Creating Adobe Acrobat Forms and Extending Acrobat Forms with JavaScript.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. 1. Starting with Acrobat
    1. Opening and Quitting Acrobat 9
    2. Examining the Initial Screen
    3. Examining the Menus
    4. Examining the Toolbars
      1. Acrobat 9 toolbars
    5. Customizing Toolbars
    6. Working with Navigation Panes
      1. Acrobat 9 navigation panes
    7. Setting Preferences
  4. 2. Viewing a Document
    1. Opening a PDF File
    2. Moving from Page to Page
    3. Moving from View to View
    4. Zooming In and Out
      1. The Marquee Zoom tool
      2. The Dynamic Zoom tool
      3. The Loupe tool
      4. The Pan & Zoom tool
    5. Choosing a Page Layout
      1. Acrobat page layouts
    6. Searching for Text
    7. Arranging Documents on the Screen
    8. Using Reading Mode
    9. Using Links and Bookmarks
      1. Using links
      2. Using bookmarks
    10. Measuring Sizes and Areas
      1. The Measurement palette
      2. The Perimeter tool
      3. The Area tool
      4. Measurement settings
  5. 3. Saving and Printing Files
    1. Saving a PDF File
    2. Exporting to Other Formats
      1. Export file types
    3. Minimizing File Size
    4. Printing a Document
      1. Miscellaneous settings
    5. Print Options
      1. Printer controls
      2. Print-range controls
      3. Page-handling controls
    6. Printing Multiple Pages per Sheet
    7. Printing a Booklet
  6. 4. Making PDF Files
    1. Printing to a PDF File
    2. Using PDFMaker in Microsoft Office (Windows)
    3. Converting Images and Other Files to PDF
    4. Scanning Directly to PDF
    5. Converting Web Pages to PDF
    6. Converting Screen Shots to PDF
    7. Merging PDF Files
  7. 5. PDF Portfolios
    1. Creating a Portfolio
      1. The Portfolio Toolbar
    2. Choosing a Layout
    3. Adding a Welcome Page
    4. Adding a Header
    5. Choosing a Color Scheme
    6. Setting File Information
    7. Publishing Your Portfolio
    8. Sharing with
  8. 6. Adding Comments to a Document
    1. Examining Acrobat’s Commenting Tools
      1. Comment icons and pop-ups
    2. Adding a Sticky Note Comment
    3. Adding a Text Box Comment
    4. Adding a Callout Comment
    5. Adding Lines and Arrows
    6. Drawing Ovals and Rectangles
    7. Adding Polygons and Clouds
    8. Text Edits
    9. Adding a Stamp Comment
    10. Creating Your Own Stamp
    11. Checking Spelling in Comments
    12. Exporting and Importing Comments
    13. Enabling Commenting in Adobe Reader
  9. 7. Reading Commented Documents
    1. Examining the Comments List
    2. Replying to a Comment
    3. Marking Comments
    4. Managing the Comments List
    5. Searching for Text in Comments
    6. Printing Comments
      1. Summarizing comments
    7. Migrating Comments
  10. 8. Reviewing PDF Documents
    1. Starting an E-mail–Based Review
    2. Reviewing an E-mailed Document
    3. Receiving E-mail–Reviewed Documents
    4. Starting a Shared Review
      1. Shared reviews on
    5. Reviewing a Shared Document
    6. Receiving Server-Based Reviews
    7. Real-Time Collaborative Reviews
      1. Enabling live collaboration
      2. Using live collaboration
      3. Page sharing
  11. 9. Manipulating Pages
    1. Rearranging Pages
    2. Extracting Pages
    3. Inserting One File into Another
    4. Replacing Pages
    5. Rotating Pages
    6. Cropping Pages
  12. 10. Adding and Changing Text and Graphics
    1. Touching Up Text
    2. Modifying Line Art
      1. Fill, Border and Rotate
      2. Editing in Adobe Illustrator
    3. Adding Headers and Footers
    4. Adding a Background
    5. Adding a Watermark
    6. Redacting a Document
      1. Search and Redact
  13. 11. Adding Simple Navigation Features
    1. Adding Bookmarks
    2. Creating Links
    3. Modifying Existing Links
    4. Making Automatic Web Links
    5. Creating Articles
  14. 12. Creating an Acrobat Presentation
    1. Setting Open Options
    2. Creating a Full-Screen Slide Show
      1. Navigating in Full Screen mode
      2. Adding transitions
    3. Creating a Next Page Button
    4. Creating a Self-Running Presentation
    5. Placing a Movie on a Page
    6. Playing a Movie
    7. Placing a Flash Animation on the Page
    8. Adding Sound to a PDF Page
  15. 13. Organizing Documents
    1. Examining the Organizer
    2. Using the History Pane
    3. Using the Places Pane
    4. Using the Collections Category
  16. 14. Creating Forms with Acrobat Pro
    1. About LiveCycle Designer
    2. Creating a Form from a Template
    3. Editing Forms with LiveCycle Designer
    4. Converting Electronic Documents to Forms
    5. Distributing Forms
      1. Distributing forms by e-mail
      2. Distributing a form with
    6. Responding to a Distributed Form
    7. Receiving and Viewing Results
      1. Receiving form responses
      2. Viewing form responses
  17. 15. Password Protection
    1. Restricting File Access
    2. Restricting Reader Activities
      1. Editing permissions
  18. 16. Digital Signatures
    1. About Adobe Self-Sign Security
      1. Setting up to use signatures
    2. Creating a Digital ID
    3. Creating a Certificate from an ID
    4. Importing a Certificate as a Trusted Identity
    5. Signing a PDF Document
    6. Creating a Signature Appearance
    7. Creating a Signature Field
    8. Validating a Signed Document
  19. 17. Converting Paper to PDF
    1. Typing on a Paper Form
    2. Creating a Searchable Image
    3. Converting a Scan with ClearScan

Product Information

  • Title: Adobe Acrobat 9 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide
  • Author(s): John Deubert
  • Release date: August 2008
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780321602510