Chapter 28. Creating PDF Presentations

Among the many uses for Acrobat PDF files are presentations. Acrobat does not provide the robust features for creating title slides, importing text and graphics in an open PDF document, or creating handouts such as those found in dedicated slide-authoring programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple's Keynote. However, if you're willing to put a little work in either designing a slide presentation in a layout program or converting a slide show from PowerPoint or Keynote to PDF, you can explore many other opportunities in Acrobat for making slide presentations dynamic and suitable for any kind of audience through the use of file linking, JavaScripts, and other interactive elements.

If you're an Acrobat Pro Extended user (Windows only), you have many more options for creating dynamic presentations with Adobe Presenter. Adobe Presenter is an add-on support for Microsoft PowerPoint where you can add animation, sound, and multimedia, and convert your presentations to Flash videos.

In this chapter, you learn some helpful methods for producing PDF documents suited for presentations and discover some of the power you have available for dynamic presentations created with Adobe Presenter.

Setting Up the Work Environment

Interactivity is one element you'll want to add to documents designed for presentations. To add interactive buttons and fields, open the More Tools window by selecting More Tools from a context menu and check the Advanced Editing toolbar. ...

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