Chapter 8. Using Acrobat PDFMaker with Microsoft Programs

The last chapter covered PDF file creation from various programs and certain file types. Some of the PDF creation options you have from within Acrobat are also available directly from the authoring programs. Such is the case with the most popular Microsoft applications.

Adobe has devoted much development time to creating tools that easily convert most of the Microsoft applications to PDF along with certain other programs, such as Autodesk AutoCAD discussed in Chapter 7 and Lotus Notes. With a one-button click in almost every Microsoft program you can convert your documents to PDF.

The common tool used in these programs is Acrobat PDFMaker, created by Adobe Systems and automatically installed in every program supporting the tool when you install Acrobat.

In this chapter you learn how to use the PDFMaker tool in the most popular Microsoft programs.

Using Acrobat with Microsoft Word

Of all the Office applications, Microsoft Word gives you the best support for PDF file creation. Microsoft Word is the only word-processing application that provides access to the structural data of the document. The structural data of the Word document such as titles, ...

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