Chapter 12. Editing Text

Ideally, you should always return to an original document when you want to make changes on PDF pages that were converted from an authoring application. With all of Acrobat's impressive features, it is not designed to be used as a page layout program. The options you have in Acrobat for text editing are limited to tweaks and minor corrections. In as much as Acrobat 9 (and Acrobat X) greatly improved text editing on PDFs, returning to your authoring program, editing the pages, and converting them back to PDF is a preferred method.

For minor edits and for purposes of editing PDF files where original documents have been lost or are unavailable, Acrobat does provide you with tools and means for text editing. As you look through this chapter, realize that the pages ahead are intended to describe methods for minor corrections and text editing when you don't have an option for returning to an original document.

Using the Edit Document Text Tool

For minor text edits, you can use the Edit Document Text tool. This tool is found in the Content panel. Click the Tools button and then click Content to open the panel. Under Add/Edit Text, click Edit Document Text. Before you attempt to change text passages on a PDF page, you need to keep a few things in mind. Some of the considerations include:

  • Font embedding. If you attempt to edit an embedded ...

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