Chapter 14. Editing Images and Objects

Images and objects, such as raster images from programs like Adobe Photoshop, vector images like those created in Adobe Illustrator, and text, can be edited in external editors and dynamically updated in a PDF document. The process involves launching the external editor from within Acrobat, making changes in the external editor, and saving the file. The file is treated like a link to the PDF where the edits are updated. Acrobat itself doesn't have any image editing tools, but you can use the external editors provided through companion programs to help out when you need to make modifications to objects in a PDF file.

Like editing text, discussed in Chapter 12, image editing with Acrobat is intended to be a minor task for last-minute small changes. For major editing tasks you should return to the original authoring program. In circumstances where you do not have an original document, you may need to extend the editing a little further by updating documents or exporting them for new layouts. In this chapter, you learn how to handle images and objects for editing and exporting purposes.

Selecting Images

Two tools in Acrobat enable you to copy images and objects. You can use the Select tool discussed in Chapter 12 to select images as well as text, and you can also use the Edit Object tool (formerly known as the TouchUp Object tool) to select ...

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