Chapter 16. Scanning and OCR Conversion

Welcome to the world of one-stop scanning and text recognition. Anyone who scanned documents in earlier versions of Acrobat will appreciate the one-step operation for scanning a text document and performing text recognition via Acrobat's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine and many new enhancements to Acrobat Scan. The one-stop scanning introduced in Acrobat 8 was improved in Acrobat 9 through the implementation of a new scanning technology called ClearScan, the addition of presets that support custom settings you can configure for various source materials, creating multiple files from scanned documents, adding multiple scanned documents to a PDF Portfolio, and much more with Acrobat Scan features.

When performing a scan in Acrobat, you are not limited to scanning documents for text conversions. Acrobat enables you to scan photos and images that might have some other uses. Therefore, this chapter covers all the aspects of scanning from within Acrobat using the Scan to PDF command and the Text Recognition commands.

Configuring Scanners

Before you can scan a page in Acrobat, you need to configure your scanner and be certain it functions properly. After you complete your installation of Acrobat, it should recognize your scanner immediately. ...

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