Chapter 27. Working with eBooks

A few years ago, when I wrote the Adobe Acrobat 6 PDF Bible, I talked about the long-awaited arrival of eBooks and suggested the industry has been slow in delivering devices for eBook reading. Since that time there have been significant changes in developers delivering products for eBook reading and the amount of content that's been consumed by users. helped spark the eBook industry with the delivery and some subsequent improvements of the Amazon Kindle Reader, where people can purchase eBooks on and view them on the Kindle Reader.

If Amazon created a big push for consumer adoption of eBooks, it was Apple, Inc. that created a tidal wave. In the 28 days following its introduction, Apple sold more than 1 million iPads. In less than 5 days, the Apple iBookstore sold more than 1.5 million eBooks — more eBooks sold in 5 days than Amazon sold in an entire year.

As of this writing there are additional tablet devices in development, and by the time you read this book, they should be on the market from companies like Google, Sony, HP, and a few others. Although tablet computers have been around for more than a decade, this new generation of devices offers much more for exploring content on the Web, interacting with a variety of different content, and taking a more sophisticated approach to book reading.

Regardless of the device you now use, or perhaps intend to use, there are some ...

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