Chapter 31. Working with Form Data

After you get a handle on creating form fields, as covered in Chapter 30, you'll want to know some things about managing data to help economize your efforts when working with distributed forms and performing routine calculations on data fields. When forms are completed, you have the option of printing a form, compiling form data distributed via emails or your account, or sending the data off to a form server product that processes the field data. In this chapter, I cover data management from calculating field data to importing, exporting, and submitting data, and compiling data using

This chapter is targeted at users working with Adobe LiveCycle Designer as well as Acrobat. Most of what is covered in this chapter can be handled by Designer; however, if you're a Mac user or you want to do some editing in Acrobat, what follows is strictly related to working with data and form fields in Acrobat Standard or Acrobat Pro. Furthermore, the content is restricted to using Acrobat tools and commands for data management. No discussion on using server products, other than a brief explanation about additional products you can acquire, is covered in this chapter.

For Windows users, if you need to work with other data systems the best opportunity you have when working with form data is to create your form designs ...

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