Chapter 2

Basic Building Blocks of Reporting and Analysis


Bullet Starting your analytics glossary with some basics

Bullet Defining key Adobe-specific terms

Bullet Dipping your toe into an Adobe report suite

Bullet Using Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger to identify your data's location

In this chapter, we introduce you to the essential concepts for a solid foundation in analyzing data and show you how to implement these concepts in Adobe Analytics.

Step one of this phase of your journey is to survey the three basic ways of sifting through data, regardless of whether the tool is Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Excel, or even weather forecasts! The three key components analysts use to work with data are dimensions, metrics, and segments.

Getting your head around these three concepts and how they interact with each other is essential to doing meaningful work with Adobe Analytics. The data community worldwide uses these building blocks.

Step two in this leg of your journey is exploring Adobe’s least granular structure for organizing data: a report suite. If you haven’t been introduced to the term ...

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