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Adobe® Analytics Quick-Reference Guide: Market Reports and Analytics (formerly SiteCatalyst)

Book Description

Companies face the challenge of measuring and analyzing the near-overwhelming quantities of data generated from their online businesses and then using that data to gain critical insights into their customersvto drive sales. Adobe Analytics (formerly SiteCatalyst) provides product and content managers, marketers, and analysts with real-time intelligence on customers’online behavior, helps businesses anticipate what their customers will want, personalizes their onlinev experience, and delivers relevant content across web and mobile channels.

This quick lookup guide by Adobe Analytics expert Shane Closser uses clear, concise explanations and an easy-to-use format to jump in and start using Adobe’s powerful web analytics tool.

You’ll learn the quickest way to:

  • Create metrics

  • Run and set options for reports

  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

  • Engage and retain customers

  • Track customers through the conversion funnel

  • Share reports and set up dashboards

  • Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Dedication Page
    4. About the Author
    5. Contents at a Glance
    6. Contents
    7. 1. Introduction
      1. Why Web Analytics
      2. Adobe Analytics
      3. What Is the Adobe Marketing Cloud?
      4. Customer Marketing Journey
      5. Useful Resources
    8. 2. Adobe Analytics Basics
      1. How Adobe Analytics Works
      2. How to Log In to Adobe Analytics
      3. How to Navigate to Adobe Analytics/SiteCatalyst Reporting
      4. Exploring the Interface
      5. Report Suites
      6. Introduction to Terms
    9. 3. Metrics
      1. Standard Metrics
      2. Other Metrics
      3. Traffic Variables
      4. Success Events
      5. Conversion Variables
      6. SAINT Classifications
    10. 4. Reports Overview
      1. How to Run a Report
      2. Graph Options
      3. Report Breakdowns
      4. How to Add a Correlation Filter
      5. How to Use Segments Within a Report
      6. Miscellaneous Custom Report Options
    11. 5. Awareness Analytics
      1. Key Metrics Report
      2. Referring Domain and Referrers Reports
      3. Marketing Channel Performance
      4. Email Marketing Campaigns
      5. Mobile Campaigns
      6. Search Engine Optimization
      7. Paid Search
      8. Social Media
      9. Online Display Marketing
      10. Affiliate Marketing
      11. Internal Online Campaigns
      12. Multichannel and Cross-Channel Visits and Attrition
    12. 6. Acquisition Analytics
      1. Visits
      2. Unique Visitor Trends
      3. Visitor Demographics
      4. Domains
    13. 7. Engagement Analytics
      1. User Experience
      2. Engaging Content
      3. How to Enable Video Tracking
      4. Path Analysis
      5. Entry/Exit Page Preferences
      6. Other Miscellaneous Engagement-Related Reports
    14. 8. Persuasion Analytics
      1. Content or Pages of Influence
      2. Users’ Technology Preferences
      3. Video Overview
      4. Bot Activity
      5. Mobile Technology Influence
      6. Mobile Technology Specifications
    15. 9. Conversion Analytics
      1. Purchase Conversion Funnel
      2. Cart Conversion Funnel
      3. Products Conversion Funnel
      4. Campaign Conversion Funnel
    16. 10. Retention Analytics
      1. Recency
      2. Frequency
      3. Monetary
    17. 11. Report Distribution
      1. Downloading Reports
      2. How to Email Reports
      3. How to Manage Scheduled Reports
      4. How to Link to a Report
      5. Data Extract Tool
      6. Bookmarking Reports
      7. Dashboards
    18. 12. Advanced Concepts
      1. Custom Segmentation
      2. Adobe Analytics Segments
      3. Calendar Events
      4. Targets
      5. Alerts
    19. Index