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Adobe Captivate 5: The Essentials (for Windows & Macintosh)

Book Description

Adobe Captivate 5: The Essentials (for Windows & Macintosh) Kevin Siegel

If you are an instructional designer or technical writer, you have no doubt spent years attempting to perfect the art of teaching programs using fewer and fewer words. If you are in the business of educating, you know how difficult this job can be.

These days, interactive lessons that can be viewed over the Internet or from a CD are all the rage.

There are many programs that can be used to capture a computer's screen, mouse action and audio. Unfortunately, the resulting movies can be huge--a five minute lesson could easily gobble up nearly 100mb of storage space on a hard drive. Downloading a file that large will take a lot of time, even if a user has a fast Internet connection. Large file sizes are just part of the problem. The movies may not be cross-platform (they may not work on both Macs and PCs). Interactivity is a feature most of the "mouse capture" applications do not support. And there are few of these programs that allow images to be imported.

This fast-paced workbook will teach you the essential skills you will need to use Captivate to develop highly interactive eLearning courses. You will learn how to:

  • Record Demonstration Videos and Simulations

  • Add Captions, Styles and Use the Timeline

  • Add Images and Drawing Objects

  • Work with Pointers, Buttons and Highlight Boxes

  • Add Rollovers and Zoom Areas

  • Add, Record and Edit Audio

  • Add Flash Video, Animation and Effects

  • Convert Demonstrations Into Simulations

  • Create Question Slides

  • Publish Projects as eLearning

Note: This book has step-by-step instructions for developers using Captivate on either Windows or a Macintosh.

Kevin Siegel is the founder and president of IconLogic, Inc. He has written more than 100 step-by-step computer training books, including Essentials of Adobe Captivate 4, Adobe Captivate 4: Beyond the Essentials, Essentials of Adobe Captivate 3, Essentials of Adobe Captivate 2, Essentials of Macromedia Captivate, Essentials of RoboDemo 5, Essentials of Adobe RoboHelp 8, Essentials of Adobe RoboHelp 7, Essentials of Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, QuarkXPress 8: The Basics, Essentials of Adobe InDesign CS3, Camtasia Studio 7: The Essentials and Camtasia Studio 6: The Essentials.

Kevin spent five years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an award-winning photojournalist and has more than two decades experience as a print publisher, technical writer, instructional designer and eLearning developer. He is a certified technical trainer, has been a classroom instructor for more than 18 years and is a frequent speaker at trade shows and conventions. Kevin holds multiple certifications from companies such as Adobe and the CompTIA.

Table of Contents

  1. Adobe Captivate 5: The Essentials
  2. About This Book
    1. The Author
    2. Book Conventions
    3. Confidence Check
    4. System Requirements
    5. Data Files
      1. Student Activity: Download the PC Data Files
      2. Student Activity: Download the Mac Data Files
    6. Need More Books?
  3. Module 1: eLearning and Captivate
    1. Education Through Pictures
    2. Planning eLearning Projects
    3. The Captivate Interface
      1. Student Activity: Explore a Project
    4. Workspaces
      1. Student Activity: Explore the Default Workspaces
        1. Confidence Check
      2. Student Activity: Modify and Reset a Workspace
      3. Student Activity: Create a Workspace
      4. Student Activity: Navigate a Project
    5. Previewing
      1. Student Activity: Preview a Project
      2. Student Activity: Zoom Closer to a Slide
  4. Module 2: Recording Demos and Sims
    1. Resolution and Recording Size
    2. The Development Process
    3. Preparing to Record
      1. Student Activity: Rehearse a Script
      2. Student Activity: Edit Recording Settings
      3. Student Activity: Set Recording Keys
    4. Access for Assistive Devices
      1. Student Activity: Enable Access for Assistive Devices
    5. Demonstrations
      1. Student Activity: Record a Demonstration
    6. Assessment Simulations
      1. Student Activity: Record an Assessment
    7. Training Simulations
      1. Student Activity: Record a Training Simulation
    8. Custom Recordings
      1. Student Activity: Record a Custom Simulation
        1. Confidence Check
  5. Module 3: Captions, Styles and Timing
    1. Text Captions
      1. Student Activity: Duplicate a Slide and Hide the Mouse
      2. Student Activity: Insert, Resize and Move Text Captions
      3. Student Activity: Modify Text Caption Properties
        1. Confidence Check
    2. Caption Styles
      1. Student Activity: Edit the Default Caption Style
      2. Student Activity: Reset an Object Style
      3. Student Activity: Change an Object’s Position & Size
    3. The Timeline
      1. Student Activity: View the Timeline
      2. Student Activity: Change a Slide’s Display Time
      3. Student Activity: Use the Timeline to Set Object Display Times
      4. Student Activity: Show/Hide Timeline Objects
      5. Student Activity: Use the Properties Panel to Control Timing
        1. Confidence Check
      6. Student Activity: Set Mouse Properties
      7. Student Activity: Check Spelling
      8. Student Activity: Align Slide Objects
        1. Confidence Check
        2. Bonus Confidence Check
  6. Module 4: Images and Drawing Objects
    1. Slide Quality
      1. Student Activity: Change Slide Background Quality
    2. Blank Slides
      1. Student Activity: Insert and Delete Slides
    3. Images
      1. Student Activity: Insert an Image
      2. Student Activity: Set Image Size and Slide Position
    4. The Library
      1. Student Activity: Use the Library
      2. Student Activity: Manage Unused Project Assets
    5. Image Editing
      1. Student Activity: Crop an Image
      2. Student Activity: Create an Image Watermark
      3. Student Activity: Control Image Timing and Transition
        1. Confidence Check
      4. Student Activity: Work With Image Stacks
        1. Confidence Check
    6. Mouse Visuals and Sounds
      1. Student Activity: Add a Visual Click and Sound
        1. Confidence Check
    7. Drawing Objects
      1. Student Activity: Draw a Line
        1. Confidence Check
  7. Module 5: Pointers, Buttons and Highlight Boxes
    1. Pointer Paths and Types
      1. Student Activity: Modify the Mouse Pointer
    2. Buttons
      1. Student Activity: Edit Slide and Object Display Times
      2. Student Activity: Insert a Text Button
      3. Student Activity: Set a Button’s Timing and Options
      4. Student Activity: Work With Image Buttons
    3. Highlight Boxes
      1. Student Activity: Insert and Format a Highlight Box
        1. Confidence Check
  8. Module 6: Rollovers and Zoom Areas
    1. Rollover Captions
      1. Student Activity: Insert a Rollover Caption
        1. Confidence Check
    2. Rollover Images
      1. Student Activity: Insert a Rollover Image
        1. Confidence Check
    3. Zoom Areas
      1. Student Activity: Insert a Zoom Area
    4. Rollover Slidelets
      1. Student Activity: Insert and Format a Rollover Slidelet
      2. Student Activity: Format the Slidelet
      3. Student Activity: Add a Caption and Image to a Slidelet
  9. Module 7: Audio
    1. Importing Audio Files
      1. Student Activity: Add Audio to a Slide Object
        1. Confidence Check
      2. Student Activity: Add Background Audio
    2. Slide Notes
      1. Student Activity: Add a Slide Note
    3. Recording Audio
      1. Student Activity: Calibrate a Microphone
      2. Student Activity: Record a Narration
        1. Confidence Check
      3. Student Activity: Import Voice Narrations
      4. Student Activity: Edit an Audio File
        1. Confidence Check
    4. Silence
      1. Student Activity: Insert Silence
        1. Confidence Check
    5. Text-to-Speech
      1. Student Activity: Convert Text-to-Speech
  10. Module 8: Flash Video, Animation and Effects
    1. Flash Video
      1. Student Activity: Insert Flash Video
      2. Student Activity: Set Flash Video Properties
    2. Animation
      1. Student Activity: Add Animation to a Slide
        1. Confidence Check
    3. Text Animation
      1. Student Activity: Insert Text Animation
        1. Confidence Check
    4. Object Effects
      1. Student Activity: Apply a Fly-In Effect to a Text Caption
      2. Student Activity: Apply a ZigZag Motion Path
        1. Confidence Check
  11. Module 9: Click and Text Entry Boxes
    1. Demonstrations versus Simulations
      1. Student Activity: Hide the Mouse
    2. Find and Replace
      1. Student Activity: Replace Phrases
        1. Confidence Check
    3. Click Boxes
      1. Student Activity: Insert a Click Box
        1. Confidence Check
    4. Text Entry Boxes
      1. Student Activity: Insert a Text Entry Box
        1. Confidence Check
  12. Module 10: Introduction to Question Slides
    1. Quiz Setup
      1. Student Activity: Edit Quizzing Object Styles
      2. Student Activity: Set the Quiz Preferences
    2. Add Question Slides
      1. Student Activity: Insert Question Slides
      2. Student Activity: Format a Question Slide
      3. Student Activity: Add an Image to a Question Slide
      4. Student Activity: Paste as Background
        1. Confidence Check
  13. Module 11: Publishing
    1. URL Actions
      1. Student Activity: Link to a Web Site
        1. Confidence Check
    2. Skins
      1. Student Activity: Apply a Skin
      2. Student Activity: Edit and Save a Skin
      3. Student Activity: Delete a Skin
        1. Confidence Check
    3. Table of Contents
      1. Student Activity: Create a TOC
        1. Confidence Check
    4. Preloaders
      1. Student Activity: Add a Loading Screen
    5. Publishing
      1. Student Activity: Publish a Flash (SWF)
        1. Confidence Check
      2. Student Activity: Publish Word Handouts
    6. Round Tripping
      1. Student Activity: Export Captions
      2. Student Activity: Perform a “Round Trip”
    7. Want to Learn More About Adobe Captivate?
  14. Module 12: FMRs, Panning, Manual Mode & Slideshows
    1. Full Motion Recording
      1. Student Activity: Create an FMR
    2. Panning
      1. Student Activity: Record a Lesson With Panning
    3. Manual Mode
      1. Student Activity: Record Manually
    4. Image Slideshows
      1. Student Activity: Create an Image Slideshow
        1. Confidence Check