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Adobe Captivate 8: The Essentials

Book Description

"Adobe Captivate 8: The Essentials" is a self-paced training manual that teaches the core Adobe Captivate skills needed to create interactive eLearning and mLearning content. By following step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to create a soft-skills lesson from scratch. You’ll learn to record and produce software demonstrations, and interactive training simulations.

By the time you finish working through this fast-paced book, you'll know how to control the mouse pointer and add such standard objects as text captions, images, and highlight boxes. You'll be able to record, import and edit audio, and further enhance the learner experience by adding interactivity via click boxes, buttons and text entry boxes.

Have you already created content using Microsoft PowerPoint? Don’t throw that presentation away. You’ll learn how to import existing PowerPoint content into Captivate. Last, but not least, you'll learn to publish your project in SWF and HTML5 formats so that your content can be uploaded to a web server for consumption on virtually any device, including the iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices.

Table of Contents

  1. About This Book
    1. The Author
    2. Book Conventions
    3. Confidence Checks
    4. Book and Captivate System Requirements
    5. Data Files (Captivate Project Assets)
      1. Student Activity: Download the Windows Data Files
      2. Student Activity: Download the Mac Data Files
    6. How Software Updates Affect This Book
    7. Contacting IconLogic
    8. Special Thanks
  2. Preface
    1. Education Through Pictures
    2. Planning eLearning Projects
    3. The Perfect Project Size
    4. Designing Slides in Captivate
    5. Fonts and Learning
  3. Module 1: Exploring Captivate
    1. The Captivate Interface
      1. Student Activity: Explore a Finished Captivate Project
      2. Student Activity: Zoom and Magnify
      3. Student Activity: Navigate a Project
      4. Student Activity: Explore and Reset the Workspace
    2. Previewing
      1. Student Activity: Preview the Entire Project
        1. Previewing Confidence Check
  4. Module 2: New Projects
    1. Soft Skills eLearning
      1. Student Activity: Create a Blank Project
        1. New Slides Confidence Check
      2. Student Activity: Add Images to Placeholders
        1. Themes Confidence Check
    2. Buttons
      1. Student Activity: Insert and Format a Text Button
        1. Buttons Confidence Check
  5. Module 3: Recording Screen Actions
    1. Resolution and Recording Size
    2. The Development Process
    3. Preparing to Record
      1. Student Activity: Rehearse a Script
      2. Student Activity: Review Recording Settings
    4. Multimode Recordings
      1. Student Activity: Review Recording Modes
      2. Student Activity: Record Using Multiple Modes
        1. Preview Confidence Check
    5. Custom Recordings
      1. Student Activity: Record a Custom Simulation
        1. Recording Confidence Check
    6. Panning
      1. Student Activity: Record a Demonstration that Pans
    7. Manual Recordings
      1. Student Activity: Manually Record the Screen
  6. Module 4: Captions, Styles, and Timing
    1. Text Captions
      1. Student Activity: Insert and Edit Text Captions
      2. Student Activity: Modify Text Caption Properties
        1. Confidence Check
    2. Caption Styles
      1. Student Activity: Edit the Default Caption Style
    3. Callouts
      1. Student Activity: Change a Callout Used by a Text Caption
        1. Confidence Check
    4. The Timeline
      1. Student Activity: Control Slide and Object Timing
        1. Confidence Check
      2. Student Activity: Check Spelling
      3. Student Activity: Align Slide Objects
        1. Confidence Check
  7. Module 5: Images and Smart Shapes
    1. Images
      1. Student Activity: Insert, Resize, and Restore an Image
      2. Student Activity: Transform an Image
        1. Images Confidence Check
    2. The Library
      1. Student Activity: Use the Library
      2. Student Activity: Manage Unused Project Assets
    3. Image Editing
      1. Student Activity: Crop and Rename an Image
      2. Student Activity: Remove a Background Color
        1. Properties Confidence Check
    4. Smart Shapes
      1. Student Activity: Insert a Cloud Callout
        1. Smart Shapes Confidence Check
    5. Background Editing
      1. Student Activity: Create an Image Mask
    6. Integrating Photoshop
      1. Student Activity: Delete a Slide Background
      2. Student Activity: Work with Photoshop Layers
        1. Layers Confidence Check
    7. Image Slideshows
      1. Student Activity: Create an Image Slideshow
        1. Transitions Confidence Check
  8. Module 6: Pointers, Paths, Boxes, and Buttons
    1. Mouse Effects
      1. Student Activity: Control Mouse Effects
        1. Visual Click Confidence Check
    2. Pointer Paths and Types
      1. Student Activity: Edit a Mouse Path
    3. Highlight Boxes
      1. Student Activity: Clone an Object Style
      2. Student Activity: Insert a Highlight Box
    4. Image Buttons
      1. Student Activity: Insert an Image Button
      2. Student Activity: Control Appear After Timing
  9. Module 7: Rollovers and Zooms
    1. Rollover Captions
      1. Student Activity: Insert a Rollover Caption
        1. Rollover Captions Confidence Check
    2. Rollover Images
      1. Student Activity: Insert a Rollover Image
        1. Rollover Images Confidence Check
    3. Rollover Slidelets
      1. Student Activity: Insert a Rollover Slidelet
    4. Zoom Areas
      1. Student Activity: Insert a Zoom Area
  10. Module 8: Audio
    1. Object Audio
      1. Student Activity: Import Audio onto a Slide Object
        1. Object Audio Confidence Check
      2. Student Activity: Import Background Audio
    2. Slide Notes
      1. Student Activity: Add a Slide Note
    3. Recording Audio
      1. Student Activity: Calibrate a Microphone
      2. Student Activity: Record Slide Audio
        1. Recording Audio Confidence Check
    4. Slide Audio
      1. Student Activity: Import Audio Onto a Slide
      2. Student Activity: Edit an Audio File
        1. Slide Audio Confidence Check
    5. Silence
      1. Student Activity: Insert Silence
        1. Edit Audio Confidence Check
    6. Text-to-Speech
      1. Student Activity: Convert Text-to-Speech
        1. TTS Confidence Check
  11. Module 9: Video, Animation, and Effects
    1. Video
      1. Student Activity: Insert a Flash Video
      2. Student Activity: Set Flash Video Properties
    2. Animation
      1. Student Activity: Add Animation to a slide
        1. Animations Confidence Check
    3. Text Animation
      1. Student Activity: Insert Text Animation
        1. Text Animation Confidence Check
    4. Object Effects
      1. Student Activity: Apply an Effect to a Slide Object
      2. Student Activity: Apply a Glow Filter Effect
      3. Student Activity: Modify Effect Properties
      4. Student Activity: Save and Import Effects
  12. Module 10: Adding Interactivity
    1. Demonstrations versus Simulations
      1. Student Activity: Hide the Mouse
    2. Find and Replace
      1. Student Activity: Replace Phrases
        1. Find and Replace Confidence Check
    3. Click Boxes
      1. Student Activity: Insert a Click Box
        1. Click Boxes Confidence Check
    4. Text Entry Boxes
      1. Student Activity: Insert a Text Entry Box
        1. Text Entry Box Confidence Check
  13. Module 11: Working With PowerPoint
    1. Starting with PowerPoint
      1. Student Activity: Import a Presentation
      2. Student Activity: Apply Changes to All Items
      3. Student Activity: Edit the Presentation
        1. Apply to All Confidence Check
    2. PowerPoint Collaboration
      1. Student Activity: Synchronize With Source
    3. Rescaling Projects
      1. Student Activity: Rescale a Project
        1. Rescaling Confidence Check
  14. Module 12: Introduction to Question Slides
    1. Quiz Setup
      1. Student Activity: Edit Quizzing Object Styles
      2. Student Activity: Set the Quiz Preferences
      3. Student Activity: Apply a Theme and Hide an Image
    2. Creating a Quiz
      1. Student Activity: Insert Question Slides
      2. Student Activity: Edit a Question Slide
        1. Quiz Confidence Check
  15. Module 13: Finishing Touches
    1. URL Actions
      1. Student Activity: Create a Link to a Website
        1. Click Box Confidence Check
    2. Skins
      1. Student Activity: Apply a Skin
      2. Student Activity: Edit, Save, and Delete a Skin
        1. Project Info. Confidence Check
    3. Table of Contents
      1. Student Activity: Create a TOC
        1. TOC Confidence Check
    4. Preloaders
      1. Student Activity: Check Publish Settings and Add a Loading Screen
    5. Publishing
      1. Student Activity: Publish as SWF and PDF
      2. Student Activity: Run the HTML5 Tracker
      3. Student Activity: Publish as HTML5
        1. Publishing Confidence Check
    6. Round Tripping
      1. Student Activity: Export Captions to Microsoft Word
      2. Student Activity: Perform a Round Trip
    7. Want More Captivate? Need Help?
  16. Index