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Adobe Captivate 9: Beyond The Essentials

Book Description

"Adobe Captivate 9: Beyond the Essentials" is a self-paced training manual that teaches the higher-end, more advanced functionality of Adobe Captivate. By following step-by-step instructions, you will improve your screen recording skills via project templates and by pre-editing your text captions. You’ll learn how to create and produce video projects that will enable you to record screen actions in real-time. Then, after learning how to import questions into Captivate using the GIFT format, you’ll learn how to create a random quiz using question pools and random question slides. Is creating responsive eLearning a hot topic in your corporate training initiative? You’ll learn how to create eLearning lessons that reflow to fit on just about any kind of display (including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones). You’ll also learn how to create responsive projects from scratch, and how to edit and produce responsive content. As your learning adventure continues, you'll fine-tune your production skills by learning about object styles, master slides, themes, and advanced actions. You'll learn to engage the learner like never before by using variables, widgets, and interactions. You will also learn how to create branching scenarios that will enable learners to plot their own learning path. You'll ensure your eLearning and mLearning output can be used by people with disabilities by adding such 508-compliant features as accessibility text and closed captions. You'll learn about SCORM, SCORM Cloud, AICC, TinCan, SCOs, Manifests, and how to upload a published lesson into a Learning Management System.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Title Page
  4. Contents
  5. About This Book
    1. The Author
    2. What This Book Teaches
    3. Book Conventions
    4. Confidence Checks
    5. Book Requirements
    6. Data Files (Captivate Project Assets)
      1. Download the Windows Data Files
      2. Download the Mac Data Files
    7. Captivate’s Preferences
      1. Reset Captivate’s Preferences
    8. How Software Updates Affect This Book
    9. Special Thanks
    10. Contacting IconLogic
  6. Module 1: Caption Pre-Editing
    1. Rehearsals
      1. Rehearse a Script
    2. Recording Custom Simulations
      1. Set Recording Preferences
      2. Record a Simulation
        1. Custom Recording Confidence Check
    3. Caption Pre-Editing
      1. Edit a Text Capture Template
        1. RDL Editing Confidence Check
  7. Module 2: Video Demos
    1. Recording Video Demos
      1. Record a Video Demo
    2. Zooming and Panning
      1. Add a Video Zoom
      2. Add a Video Pan
        1. Pan & Zoom Confidence Check
    3. Mouse Points
      1. Smooth a Mouse Path and Show Visual Clicks
    4. Splitting
      1. Split a Video
        1. Transitions Confidence Check
    5. Trimming
      1. Trim a Video
        1. Trimming Confidence Check
    6. Publishing Video Projects
      1. Publish a Video Demo
  8. Module 3: Branching and Aggregating
    1. Object Styles
      1. Create a New Style
      2. Apply an Object Style Globally
    2. Sharing Styles
      1. Export/Import a Style
        1. Styles Confidence Check
    3. Combining Projects
      1. Name a Slide
        1. Naming Slides Confidence Check
      2. Copy/Paste Project Assets
    4. Branching
      1. Use Buttons to Create a Branch
        1. Branching Confidence Check
      2. Explore the Branching View
    5. Groups
      1. Create a Slide Group
    6. Aggregating
      1. Publish SWFs
        1. Publishing Confidence Check
      2. Aggregate SWFs
        1. Aggregator Confidence Check
  9. Module 4: Random Quizzes
    1. GIFT Files
      1. Review a GIFT File
      2. Import a GIFT File into a Project
    2. Question Pools
      1. Create Question Pools
        1. Question Pools Confidence Check
      2. Move Questions to Pools
        1. Moving Questions to Pools Confidence Check
    3. Random Question Slides
      1. Insert Random Question Slides
        1. Random Questions Confidence Check
  10. Module 5: Accessible eLearning
    1. Accessibility and Captivate
      1. Set Document Information
      2. Enable Accessibility
    2. Accessibility Text
      1. Add Accessibility Text to Slides
      2. Import Slide Audio
        1. Accessibility Text Confidence Check
    3. Shortcut Keys
      1. Add Shortcut Keys
        1. Keyboard Shortcut Confidence Checks
    4. Closed Captioning
      1. Add Closed Captions
        1. Closed Captions Confidence Check
    5. Tab Order
      1. Set a Tab Order
        1. Tab Order Confidence Check
  11. Module 6: Variables and Widgets
    1. Variables
      1. Add Project Information
      2. Insert a System Variable
        1. Variable Preview Confidence Check
      3. Edit a System Variable
        1. System Variables Confidence Check
    2. User Variables
      1. Create a User Variable
      2. Use a Variable to Gather Learner Data
        1. User-Defined Variables Confidence Check
    3. Widgets
      1. Insert and Format a Widget
        1. Widget Confidence Check
  12. Module 7: Interactions
    1. Learning Interactions
      1. Insert a Process Circle
        1. Interactions Confidence Check
    2. Drag and Drop
      1. Explore a Drag and Drop Project
      2. Create a Drag and Drop Interaction
        1. Drag and Drop Confidence Check
    3. Multi-State Objects
      1. Change Object States
        1. States Confidence Check
  13. Module 8: Actions
    1. Standard Actions
      1. Use a Completed Action
      2. Name Objects
        1. Naming Objects Confidence Check
      3. Create a Mask
      4. Control Object Visibility
        1. Visibility Confidence Check
      5. Create a Simple Advanced Action
        1. Simple Action Confidence Check
      6. Attach an Action to a Button
      7. Group Timeline Objects
        1. Editing Actions Confidence Check
    2. Conditional Actions
      1. Create a Variable
      2. Create a Conditional Action
        1. Conditional Actions Confidence Check
    3. Multiple Decision Blocks
      1. Create Decision Blocks
        1. Decision Blocks Confidence Check
  14. Module 9: Masters, Themes, and Templates
    1. Master Slides
      1. Work With the Main Master Slide
      2. Work With Content Masters
      3. Apply a Master to Filmstrip Slides
      4. Edit a Master
        1. Masters Confidence Check
    2. Themes
      1. Apply a Theme
        1. Themes Confidence Check
      2. Create a Custom Theme
    3. Templates
      1. Review a Template
      2. Base a Project on a Template
      3. Create a Project Template
        1. Template Confidence Check
    4. Template Placeholders
      1. Insert a Placeholder
  15. Module 10: Responsive Projects
    1. Being Responsive
      1. Review a Responsive Project
      2. Customize Breakpoints
        1. Breakpoints Confidence Check
    2. Creating Responsive Projects
      1. Customize Theme Colors
    3. Editing a Responsive Project
      1. Use the Position Inspector
      2. Modify a Single Breakpoint
      3. Exclude from View
      4. Add a New Breakpoint
    4. Positioning Objects
      1. Position and Link Objects
    5. Responsive Styles
      1. Edit Breakpoint Object Styles
        1. Object Position Confidence Checks
  16. Module 11: Reporting Results
    1. LMS Reporting Options
      1. Set Quiz Reporting Options
    2. Manifest Files
      1. Create a Manifest File
    3. Advanced Interaction
      1. Report a Button Interaction
      2. Adjust Slide Object Interaction
    4. SCORM Preview
      1. Preview in SCORM Cloud
    5. Content Packages
      1. Publish a Content Package
    6. Uploading to an LMS
      1. Create an Inquisiq LMS Account
      2. Create an LMS Course
      3. Attach a Lesson to a Course
      4. Create an LMS Catalog
      5. Attach a Course to a Catalog
      6. Test an eLearning Course
  17. Index