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Adobe® ColdFusion® Web Application Construction Kit: ColdFusion® 10 Enhancements and Improvements

Book Description

Adobe ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit is the best-selling ColdFusion series of all time—used by more ColdFusion developers to learn the product than any other books.

ColdFusion 10 was built to make your applications safer, more scalable, and more powerful, and to make programming more efficient. The enhancements and improvements detailed in this volume (which is an update to the three-volume Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit) will empower you to fully leverage the true power of ColdFusion. It starts with coverage of new techniques in web application development, particularly the growth of web standards technologies like HTML5. The second section describes ColdFusion 10 language and programming enhancements, focusing on CFML, CFScript, XML, and Java. In the final section you’ll learn how to use modern development practices like deploying applications in the cloud, the latest administration and security techniques, and more.

  • Take advantage of HTML5 innovation

  • Learn how to use REST web services

  • Implement WebSockets to build richer user experiences

  • Understand ColdFusion’s new cloud deployment functionality

  • Use the latest advances in application security and scalability

  • Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Dedications
    4. Author Biographies
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. Contents at a Glance
    7. Contents
    8. Introduction
      1. What Is This Book?
      2. How to Use This Book
    9. Part I. Web Technology Innovation
      1. Chapter 1. ColdFusion 10 and HTML5
        1. What’s New in HTML5?
        2. Geolocation and the <cfmap> Tag
      2. Chapter 2. Using WebSocket
        1. What Exactly Is WebSocket?
        2. Getting Started
        3. Using the JavaScript API
        4. Working with CFC Handlers
        5. Using Server-Side Functions
        6. Filtering Messages
        7. Providing Security
        8. Generating Messages with CFCs
        9. ColdFusion Administrator Options
      3. Chapter 3. Charting Revisited
        1. Charting and ColdFusion 10
        2. ColdFusion 10 Chart Types
        3. Styling a Chart
        4. Refreshing Data and Using Live Data
        5. Conclusion
      4. Chapter 4. Web Services
        1. What Are Web Services?
        2. ColdFusion Web Service Engine
        3. Building Your First Web Service
        4. Securing Your Web Service
        5. Working with SOAP Requests
        6. Application Settings
        7. Configuring Web Services in ColdFusion Administrator
        8. Best Practices
        9. Troubleshooting
        10. SOAP or REST?
      5. Chapter 5. Using REST Web Services
        1. What Is REST?
        2. Registering REST Services
        3. Building Your First REST CFC
        4. Working with Subresources
        5. Putting It All Together
        6. Miscellaneous REST Functions
      6. Chapter 6. Embedding Video
        1. HTML5 and Video
        2. HTML5 Video Support
        3. Fallback Plan
        4. Skinning Player Control
        5. Callback Events and Error Logging
        6. Other Enhancements
        7. Extending the Media Player
    10. Part II. Rapid Development
      1. Chapter 7. CFML Enhancements
        1. Working with Closures
        2. Miscellaneous Language Enhancements
      2. Chapter 8. CFScript Enhancements
        1. Support for Colon Separators in Structures (Key:Value Pairs)
        2. Enhanced Script Looping (for-in over Queries and Java Arrays)
        3. Two New Tag Equivalents as Script Statements (setting and cookie)
        4. One New Tag Equivalent as a Function (invoke)
        5. Three New Tag Equivalents as CFCs (collection, index, and search)
      3. Chapter 9. Object Relational Mapping Enhancements
        1. ORM Enhancements Summary
        2. ORM Search Enhancements
        3. Managing Indexes
        4. Specifying Search Settings
        5. HQL Logging Enhancements
        6. Improved Handling of the ORM Hierarchy
      4. Chapter 10. Enhanced Java Integration
        1. About CFML and Java Integration
        2. New: Dynamic Application-Specific Class Loading with this.javaSettings
        3. Enhancement: Calling CFCs from Java with CFCProxy
        4. New: Proxying CFCs as Java Objects with createDynamicProxy
        5. New: Looping over Java Arrays in CFML
        6. Conclusion
      5. Chapter 11. XML Enhancements
        1. ColdFusion XML and XPath
        2. ColdFusion XML and XSLT
    11. Part III. Enterprise Ready
      1. Chapter 12. ColdFusion in the Cloud
        1. What Is “The Cloud”?
        2. Amazon Web Services
        3. Designing for the Cloud
        4. ColdFusion AMI
      2. Chapter 13. Improved Administration
        1. What’s Not Covered
        2. The New Look: Shiny!
        3. Security Updates
        4. Server Updates
      3. Chapter 14. Scheduling
        1. A Word About ColdFusion Standard versus Enterprise
        2. Introducing the Quartz Scheduling Engine
        3. Changes to CFSCHEDULE
        4. Changes to the ColdFusion Administrator
        5. Customizing the Quartz Scheduler
      4. Chapter 15. Security Enhancements
        1. ColdFusion Security Options
        2. The Secure Profile
        3. XSS Protection
        4. CSRF Protection
        5. File Upload Protection
        6. Session Improvements
        7. Miscellaneous Improvements
      5. Chapter 16. Improving Performance
        1. What Is Caching?
        2. Caching Enhancements
        3. Application-Specific Caching
        4. Cache Regions
        5. Changes to Built-in Functions
        6. New Cache Functions
        7. Enhanced Query Caching
        8. Ehcache Version Update
        9. Server Monitor Support for Caching
        10. Other Performance Improvements: JVM Tuning
      6. Chapter 17. Improved Integration
        1. Improved Integration with Microsoft Exchange Server
        2. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Support
        3. Folder Operations Support
        4. Conversation Operations
        5. Availability Operations
        6. Improved Integration with Microsoft Office Documents
      7. Chapter 18. Apache Solr
        1. Say Goodbye to Verity
        2. Updates to <cfindex>
        3. Data Import Handlers
      8. Chapter 19. Miscellaneous Enhancements
        1. Each Release Brings Many Enhancements
        2. Architectural Enhancements
        3. CFML Enhancements
        4. Administrator Enhancements
        5. Security Enhancements
        6. Logging Enhancements
        7. Updated Embedded Libraries
        8. Other Enhancements
        9. Other Resources
    12. Index
    13. Ad Page