Chapter 22. Microsoft Office and Professional Printing

As a professional designer, you wouldn't dream of using Microsoft Office documents for professional output and commercial printing. If all your work is limited to the design pieces you create without using Office documents collected from colleagues or clients, this chapter won't mean much to you. However, if you do receive documents from clients that you need to output to print or to host on Web sites, you'll want to look over some of the more common issues discussed in this chapter that you can potentially face when serving your customers who supply you with Microsoft Office files.

At times, you may need to output an Office file "as is" without reworking the documents by importing text from Word or charts and tables from Excel into InDesign. As stand-alone applications, Microsoft Office programs fall short of features needed for professional output. A book you create in Word can't be printed directly to most high-end devices due to a lack of print controls for screening, printer's marks, and other features needed to print to commercial printing equipment. Excel charts can't be color-separated from Excel. And PowerPoint's Print dialog box lacks attribute settings to successfully print slides to commercial printing devices.

As a design professional or printing technician, you can be certain that on ...

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