Chapter 2. Taking a Tour of the Creative Suite


  • Starting with a sketch in Acrobat

  • Editing images in Photoshop

  • Creating Illustrator objects

  • Accessing Adobe Bridge

  • Creating a layout in InDesign

  • Reviewing the project using CS Live

  • Preparing a layout for print

  • Soft-proofing in Acrobat

  • Repurposing a document for Web hosting

  • Exporting for Dreamweaver

The best way to understand the possibilities that the various Creative Suite applications offer is to walk through an example workflow that takes a project through each of the various applications. This tour starts out with Acrobat, where you can create a PDF file of an initial sketch that you can e-mail to all members of the creative team for review. The reviewers' feedback return is in the form of comments compiled within a single PDF file. This cycle continues until all members of the creative team approve the design.

With an approved design, you can use Photoshop and Illustrator to create and edit images and objects for the project. You can then import all this content into InDesign, where you lay them out with text. The final layout is then exported back to Acrobat, where you can print it or repurpose it for use on the Web using Dreamweaver and Flash.

Starting with a Sketch in Acrobat

When a project first starts, you typically want to get input from several individuals on the creative team before the design is approved. Calling a meeting where all members of the creative team meet to discuss the design would accomplish the goal, but ...

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