Chapter 7. Managing Adobe PDF Files


  • Managing PDF files in the Organizer

  • Viewing PDF files and pages

Acrobat has its own form of Bridge for viewing and organizing PDF documents. When Acrobat 7 Professional was developed, Adobe CS2 developers were still working on the Bridge. Because Acrobat 7 was released much earlier than the CS2 applications, inclusion for Bridge support was not possible in the earlier release. Things haven't changed in Acrobat 9 and the CS5 applications. The Acrobat Organizer is still the main document management tool used by Acrobat users. For Creative Suite users, most of the time you'll find yourself using the Bridge to organize and manage PDF documents as well as all the other CS5 documents.

The Organizer is like a junior cousin to the Bridge. Many Bridge tools and features are not included in the Organizer, but there are a few unique tools and features you can accomplish with the Organizer that you can't do with the Bridge. If PDF authoring is a major part of your workflow, perhaps you'll find working in the Organizer to be a better tool than using the Bridge. One obvious advantage is that when you work with Acrobat's Organizer you don't need to leave the program. When using the Bridge you need to toggle back and forth between the Bridge and Acrobat. It all depends on the kind of work you do and where you spend most of your time. If you are a casual user in Acrobat, then perhaps you might want to glance over the information contained in this chapter ...

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