Chapter 2. Using Common Menus and Commands

In This Chapter

  • Discovering common menus and dialog boxes

  • Addressing CS5 alerts

  • Working with common menu options

  • Understanding contextual menus

  • Speeding up your workflow with shortcuts

  • Changing preferences

When you work with Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium, you may notice that many menus, commands, and options are similar among its various programs. Discovering how to use menus and dialog boxes is essential to using the programs in the Creative Suite.

You may already be familiar with using dialog boxes and menus from other software packages. The way you use these elements is much the same for any program. Some specific keyboard shortcuts are the same across programs, even ones made by different software companies. This consistency makes finding out how to use the commands and options easy. This chapter provides an overview of some of the common menus, dialog boxes, options, commands, and preferences that exist in most or all of the programs in Adobe CS5 Design Premium.

Discovering Common Menus

When you work with programs in Adobe CS5 Design Premium, you probably notice that many of the menus on the main menu bar are the same. And then you probably see that these menus often contain many of the same commands across each program. These menus are somewhat similar to other graphics programs you may have used. Similar functionality makes finding certain commands easy, even when you're completely new to the software you're using.

Menus contain options ...

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