Chapter 6. Handling Graphics, Paths, Text, and Fonts

In This Chapter

  • Livening up your documents with graphics

  • Getting control of paths and strokes

  • Getting the scoop on text and font fundamentals

  • Creating a layout

Graphics, paths, text, and fonts are all integral parts of creating documents with Adobe Creative Suite. You must know how to handle each element in your documents and how to make these elements successfully work together. Discovering the different ways you can work with images, text, and drawings is the fun part!

Whether you're designing Web sites or creating a brochure layout, you can use these elements on their own or together, and you'll likely find out something new every time you work with them. A layout can include text, images, and drawings but sometimes includes more. If you're creating documents for the Web or creating PDF (Portable Document Format) files with multimedia elements, you may be working with sound, animation, and video alongside text, images, and illustrations.

Using Graphics in Your Documents

A graphic can be an image, a drawing, or a vector object. You can create graphics manually by making marks on a page or create them electronically using software. Graphics can be displayed in many formats, such as on a computer screen, projected on a wall, or printed in a magazine or book.

Computer graphics come in many forms, grouped by the way they're created electronically. Bitmap and vector graphics are formed in different ways to achieve the result you use in your ...

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