Chapter 1. What's New in Illustrator CS5

In This Chapter

  • Working with multiple artboards

  • Creating unique brush strokes with the Bristle Brush tool

  • Building shapes with the Shape Builder tool

  • Using the perspective grid

Illustrator only gets better and better, and you can discover the latest and greatest new features in this chapter. Many of these features are discussed in detail in the rest of the chapters in this minibook.

Managing Multiple Artboards with the New Artboard Panel

If you've ever dreamed of producing multiple-page documents in Illustrator, your dream has come true: CS4 introduced multiple artboards. Before then, you added pages by using a rather convoluted method of making a large artboard and then tiling its pages. But now you can create multiple artboards (as many as 100!) as soon as you open the New Document dialog box.

What makes the artboard feature enhanced in CS5? For one thing, artboards now have a dedicated panel. Use this panel to easily locate and select an artboard. Using the Artboard panel, you can also reorder, delete, and even copy artboards.

Creating a document with multiple artboards

To create a document with multiple artboards, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Adobe Illustrator CS5 and choose File

    Creating a document with multiple artboards

    The New Document dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 1-1.

  2. Specify the number of artboards to start with by entering a number in the Number of Artboards text box.

    In our example, ...

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