Chapter 6. Thinking about Resolution Basics

In This Chapter

  • Understanding resolution basics

  • Adjusting file size

  • Applying the Unsharp Mask filter to your image

Something as important as setting the right resolution for your images deserves its own chapter, but fortunately, the topic isn't all that complex. In this chapter, you discover the necessary resolution for various uses of Photoshop imagery (from printing a high-resolution graphic to e-mailing a picture of your kids to Mom) and how to properly increase resolution and how to adjust image size.

Having the proper resolution is important to the final outcome of an image, especially if you plan to print it. Combine the information here with using the correction tools we show you in Chapter 7 of this minibook, and you should be ready to roll with great imagery.

Creating Images for Print

To see and make changes to the present size and resolution of an image in Photoshop, choose Image

Creating Images for Print


The Width and Height text fields in the Pixel Dimensions area of the Image Size dialog box are used for onscreen resizing, such as for the Web and e-mail. The Width and Height text fields in the Document Size area show the size at which the image will print. The Resolution text field determines the resolution of the printed image; a higher value means a smaller, more finely detailed printed image.

Before you decide on a resolution, you should understand what ...

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