Chapter 4. Editing and Extracting Text and Graphics

In This Chapter

  • Manipulating text with the TouchUp tools

  • Modifying graphics with the TouchUp tools

  • Pulling text and graphics out of PDFs for use in other documents

You may assume that PDF files are mere pictures of your documents and can't be edited, but nothing is further from the truth. Adobe Acrobat includes a variety of tools for editing both text and graphics. You can use these tools as long as the file hasn't been secured to prohibit editing. We introduce you to these great tools in this chapter. (We discuss security, which allows you to limit access to these tools, in Chapter 6 of this minibook.)

Editing Text

The tools for editing text and graphics are located on the Advanced Editing toolbar (see Figure 4-1).

The Advanced Editing toolbar.

Figure 4-1. The Advanced Editing toolbar.


You can add several TouchUp tools to the Advanced Editing toolbar by choosing View

The Advanced Editing toolbar.

For text tools, you have three choices:

  • TouchUp Text tool: Used to manipulate text.

  • TouchUp Object tool: Used to manipulate objects.

  • TouchUp Reading Order tool: Used to correct the reading order or structure of the document.

The TouchUp Reading Order tool isn't used for changing the appearance of the document, so we don't discuss it in this chapter.

Using the TouchUp Text tool to manipulate text

The TouchUp Text ...

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