Chapter 3. Creating a Web Site

In This Chapter

  • Creating a site

  • Adding pages to your site

  • Adding images to pages

  • Keeping track of your Web site files

  • Discovering HTML

In this chapter, you see the basic steps for putting a Web site together, from creating your first new, blank site to adding files to Web sites to playing (just a little) with HTML.

Web Site Basics

A Web site is a collection of related pages linked to one another, preferably in an organized manner. With the proper planning and a goal in sight, you can easily accomplish the task of creating an outstanding Web site. Figure 3-1 shows the general structure of a Web site. A Web site starts with a main page (or its home page), the central link to other pages in the site. The main page is also the page viewers see first when they type your URL in a browser. The main page is typically named index.html but may also be index.htm or even default.htm. Check with your service provider to find the correct name.

The structure of a Web site.

Figure 3-1. The structure of a Web site.

Pages are linked by hyperlinks, or references that take viewers from one point in an HTML document to another or from one document to another. (Read more about hyperlinks and how to create them in Chapter 6 of this minibook.)


You should understand the following terms when you forge through the steps to create a Web site:

  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol): Allows a user on one computer to transfer ...

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