Chapter 9. Publishing Your Web Site

In This Chapter

  • Checking for broken links and missing files

  • Running your site reports

  • Checking browser compatibility

  • Publishing to a Web server

  • Making site improvements

When you're ready to launch your Web site, you can take lots of steps to ensure that it looks good and works well. Dreamweaver tools and reports streamline the process of testing and fixing any problems so that you can present visitors with a favorable first impression.

Clean Up after Yourself!

The first step toward getting your Web site ready for the world is making sure that everything works and all files are in order. Dreamweaver is packed full of tools that let you know exactly what's broken and what can be done better and how your site will perform across a spectrum of different browsers.

One key benefit of a Dreamweaver site is its ability to see relationships between various pages and files and detect any broken links or missing images before you publish your Web site for public viewing. Choose Site

Clean Up after Yourself!

To use the Check Links Sitewide feature, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Window

    Clean Up after Yourself!

    You can also use the F8 shortcut key (Windows or Mac).

  2. Open the Files panel menu (it's in the upper right corner) and choose Site

    The Link Checker panel appears and displays any results. Each listing shows the broken link ...

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