Chapter 4. Creating Text in Fireworks

In This Chapter

  • Creating and formatting text

  • Setting a text attribute

  • Working on spacing, alignment, and orientation

  • Applying effects

  • Styling text

  • Checking your spelling

  • Setting text on a path

  • Outlining your text

You definitely don't want to attempt to create a brochure in Fireworks, but you can take advantage of its excellent capabilities to format your on-screen text. Whether you're working with paragraphs or single lines of text, you have lots of options for applying fonts, styles, and interesting effects. In this chapter, you find out where to find the features you need to make your words look just the way you like them.

Creating Text

You can create text in either of two ways:

  • Select the Type tool, click in the image area, and begin typing.

  • Copy (or cut) text from another application, select the Type tool, and paste it on the artboard.


In a hurry? You can select text from one application and then click and drag it into the Fireworks workspace.

Setting Text Attributes

Text can create mood and feeling, so you have to make sure your message has the right font and style. You can apply text attributes by using one of two main methods: the Type menu or the Properties panel. In this chapter, you use the Properties panel (see Figure 4-1), because it provides an easier method of locating text attributes. If the Properties panel isn't visible at the bottom of the Fireworks workspace, choose Window

Figure 4-1. Choose font, size, and other attributes.

Whether you ...

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