Chapter 5. Getting Images In and Out of Fireworks

In This Chapter

  • Importing images

  • Editing images

  • Optimizing and exporting images

Creating images for your Web site is most likely what you'll use Fireworks for most often. In this chapter, you find out how to work with images from various sources, discover the importance of optimizing, and see how to export your images.

Getting Images into Fireworks

Besides making your own graphics and illustrations, you can use four main methods for getting images into Fireworks:

  • Open: Fireworks isn't picky. As long as you open images (vector or raster) by choosing File

    Getting Images into Fireworks

    When you open a native Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop file, expect to see a dialog box, like you see in Figure 5-1. This particular dialog box appears when you open a Vector image from Adobe Illustrator. As you can see, you have to make some decisions as to what size the file should be, which artboards should be imported, and how you want to handle layers and groups.

    When importing a Photoshop file, your choices are relatively the same, as shown in Figure 5-2. The integration between Fireworks and Photoshop is excellent; you can keep layers intact and continue your editing process in Fireworks.

  • Import: By choosing File

    Getting Images into Fireworks

    Figure 5-1. Importing a native Illustrator file into Fireworks.

    Figure 5-2. Importing ...

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